To take part, simply Tweet about that special toy or game using #flubitweet or posting on Flubit’s Facebook wall. In addition to Tweeting or posting, until the end of November, participants will automatically be entered into a prize draw; the winner will receive a Christmas sack containing the 20 most popular toys delivered in time for the big day.

The campaign is to celebrate Flubit’s toys & games season and the better prices that can be demanded on playsets, puzzles, gadgets, board games, figurines, soft toys and much more. Hundreads of indivuals have already taken part, tweeting or posting their favourite kids' toys on Flubit's Facebook page.

Bertie Stephens, Flubit CEO & Co-Founder said “We’re all about giving at Flubit and what’s better than giving at Christmas time? That’s at the heart of this campaign – giving better offers to parents who want to delight their children at Christmas, giving money to support the fantastic work of the Children’s Trust and giving children the opportunity to win an extra special prize!”

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Imagine you're standing at a checkout, holding what you want in your hand. Someone offers you a discount. You take it - right?

That's what Flubit does: creates better offers for people on things they’ve decided to buy. is demand-driven shopping service that turns online shopping upside down. We’ve created a platform for users to demand the exact products they need and want, and we create a unique offer just for them from one of our marketplace merchants.

We believe in consumer emancipation. We don’t believe in stuffing inboxes with offer after offer for products people don’t want - we believe in creating real offers for things they’ve already decided to buy.

We let our users voice their demands, and turn those demands into sales for our retailers.

Launched by Bertie Stephens and Adel Louertatani in April 2011 as the world's first demand-driven marketplace, is now disrupting the eCommerce industry for the better, empowering both consumers and UK merchants to demand better terms.