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First UK car and action camera company

05 February 2016 11:30


JooVuu, a startup based in Manchester, UK, has just released its first dual use car and action camera – JooVuu X. The JooVuu X was designed in the UK with two principles in mind: reliability and quality. Using the latest technology the JooVuu X combines quality and reliability in a camera that is smaller than a credit card and thinner than the height of a penny. The camera is released to the public on February 5th 2016.

The JooVuu X camera is a versatile camera that focuses predominately on car and adventure recordings. The camera records in both 2.5k resolution and 1080P 60fps resolution, offering smooth and high definition video recordings and pictures. The JooVuu X's small size and light weight – 61 grams including the battery - means it can be mounted and used in almost any situation.

Daniel Jaenicke, founder of JooVuu X stated, "I’m extremely proud to launch the JooVuu X after working on it for over a year to get it to the high quality and standard I wanted. Not only is it a great camera but its technology means it has fantastic picture and video quality. We’ve focused on reliability and quality throughout our design and manufacturing process, and every aspect of the hardware is designed to ensure everyone gets a camera that will produce high quality pictures at an affordable price."

With high demand for the JooVuu X, Daniel is keen to capture the excitement and is working on new accessories to further expand the use of the camera. The first two accessories to launch will be a CPL filter and Anti-Propeller Filter. Both accessories will be available late February 2016.

The launch of the JooVuu X marks an exciting time for JooVuu. 2016 will see JooVuu launch more camera related products as well as expanding the brand further into the car and adventure markets.

More information:
Contact Name: Daniel Jaenicke
Phone: 44 (0)7850056310

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