Robert and Katie Campbell have lived in Perthshire for almost 20 years. Robert has gone from working away from his family in the oil industry for 27 years to starting his own business in home renovations - in particular, bathroom and kitchen makeovers.

Their new showroom is the first Trend Transformations to open in the UK. Until this month, the company was called Granite Transformations and has branches all over the UK (and the world) as people can buy the rights to run the business in their local area as a franchise.

We have great photos of the family in their new showroom and their full story is below. Robert is also available for interview.

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Granite Transformations has rebranded to Trend Transformations as the products offered are now much more than just ‘the top that fits on top’ kitchen refurbishment that Granite Transformations is so well known for. The huge range of bathroom and kitchen renovation products including fantastic mosaic tiles with the leading trends in long-lasting, recycled composite slabs for work surface and tiling replacements means that the new brand name of Trend Transformations is, undeniably, more suitable.

Robert and Katie Campbell from Perthshire in Scotland are the first franchisees to open with the new Trend Transformations brand and larger showroom space. So, how did they reach this momentous occasion?

“I have worked in the oil industry for many years specialising in project managing the detection and removal of subsea pipeline blockages. I worked mainly in the US and with the oil price crash, I was made redundant in September 2015. I’d been working away from home and my family for 27 years and so it was time to look for something nearer to home,” explains Robert.

“About 70,000 people have lost their jobs from the oil industry in the UK and I knew getting another decent job was going to be very difficult. My wife and I had been thinking about running our own business for a while. We didn’t have any experience of running a business and knew that we’d need support but we already knew about franchising and felt it was a safer way of getting into business.

“I registered with a franchise search website and received an email about Granite Transformations amongst others. I really liked the idea of ‘the top that fits on top’ and it seemed like one of the few franchise opportunities that looked like it could make a good return. I had a good salary in the oil industry and we wanted to be able to meet that income or exceed it so that the family could continue with our way of life.

“I contacted Granite Transformations on New Year’s Eve in 2015. By the New Year, I was speaking to their franchise recruitment manager, Dug Aylen. In my career, I had enjoyed the travelling and working with lots of different people and I could see that there would be the opportunity to continue this with my GT franchise.

“We moved quickly, Katie and I went to the GT discovery day on 14th January. We were taken to view a showroom in Tunbridge Wells and a local garden centre display. At GT headquarters we were shown the fabrication process and had a chance to ask questions throughout the day. It was at this point that we talked about opening as the new Trend Transformations brand.

“We had mixed feeling about being the first franchisees to open with the new brand style. We felt the development was necessary - I’m a geo scientist and I knew that the product wasn’t actually granite! They are high quality products but they are actually made from composite materials that are far longer-lasting than granite. The core demographic of GT customers is over 55s but we think Trend Transformations will also appeal to a younger demographic. We’ll be interested to track our customer demographics against those franchisees who are later down the line for the rebrand.

“For us the rebrand showed us that the company was continually innovating and committed to being ahead of the game for its franchisees so we forged ahead. We completed our training week in May 2016 at HQ. Both Katie and I really found the sales and marketing information interesting and I particularly enjoyed the hands-on side including fabrication.”

Katie will be taking on the financial and administration management roles whilst being based in the showroom for three days a week, “Learning about the brand, sales and fabrication process was vital as I need to be able to communicate that to customers. We’ve hired someone with kitchen sales and design experience to also help with sales in the showroom for three days a week and the training has prepared me to develop that person and any team members in the future."

The new Trend Transformations on Perth's high street opened at the end of 2016. Robert says, “Our fabrication site is an old dairy 10 miles north of Perth and not far from our home. We also have a display in Glendoick Garden Centre, Glencarse, for people who want to get a taster of what we have to offer without coming in to Perth.

“But the showroom is really something to behold. It’s a space where our customers can realise their dreams of home improvements. Whether our visitors are families, architects or designers, everyone will enjoy time in our lifestyle design studio.”

Katie is up for the challenge and is enjoying having Robert home with their family of four children, “We prepared ourselves to become business owners and have had the extra boost of Scotland’s Business Gateway service. Becoming franchisees is about a partnership where we have to be committed to growing the business and can’t expect to just rely on the franchisor to hand it to us on a plate.”

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About TREND Transformations

TREND Transformations brings affordable luxury to life. Whether it be your kitchen, your bathroom or your commercial space, we have everything you need to design your ultimate dream space. We are a full service home and business renovation company that offers an impressive selection of stylish, luxurious and elegant surfaces — all at reasonable prices.

Formerly known as Granite Transformations, we rebranded in January 2017 taking into account our luxury new products including Orsoni mosaic tiles, along with offering a wide range of top-quality quartz, granite, recycled glass, and cabinet replacement materials. Our unique installation service eliminates the stress of managing multiple contractors and clients can avoid the problems and setbacks that are typical of home improvement projects. We use recycled materials in most of our production which makes TREND Transformations the eco-friendly option too.

Franchise opportunity:
Each showroom in the UK is owned by a franchisee. Our franchisees all have different backgrounds and skillsets, so don’t worry – renovation experience is not required. You will be taught everything you need to know. What matters is that you are passionate, self-motivated, enjoy working with people and ready for a positive change. Our comprehensive training programme includes time at HQ and on-site during your showroom build and at least two weeks’ field training following launch.