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The Shoe Consultant Ltd

Find your dream wedding shoes in 5 easy steps.

16 February 2017 17:15


With the National Wedding Show on at Olympia this weekend, brides-to-be are in the mood to shop. Many women like to spend more on their wedding footwear than they normally would, so it's important to invest in the perfect pair. We asked Susannah Davda, shoe expert and director of The Shoe Consultant Ltd, for her top tips for brides.

1. Pick your dress first
Even if you think you know the kind of dress you want, when you start trying frocks on, you might change your mind. The shoes should complement the dress, so it's important to know the style, fabric and colour of your dress before beginning your shoe hunt.

2. Set the date
When you have your date booked in at that dream venue, you'll know whether it's barely-there sandals you need, or fur-lined booties. Even if you won't be faced with extreme temperatures, knowing the terrain you'll be walking on for the photographs is useful for selecting your heel shape. Stilettos are best avoided on grass or gravel.

3. Don't totter
It may seem hard to believe, but you can find high heels that you'll be able to wear all day and night. Your wedding day will be full of wonderful moments to savour, so don't let uncomfortable footwear distract you from those precious minutes. Select a heel height which you normally find comfortable, and make sure your shoes stay on easily. Ask your maid of honour to stash a few plasters in her handbag in case of rubs.

4. Embrace colour
If ivory satin slippers are your thing, then go for it. Feeling bold? Many brides now are adding colour or print to their wedding outfits with their shoes. Consider matching your shoes to your flowers or vice versa. Your footwear could be your "something blue", or an expression of your personality or culture.

5. Think outside the (shoe) box
Do you have a favourite shoe brand, that you've only ever drooled over, or added to your wish list? Now's the time to make your shoe wishes come true. Don't be afraid to look at brands which don't come up on a "wedding shoes" search. If you want to wear Doc Martens: do it. Fancy a pair of gold platforms? Be that 70s goddess! Your wedding day is your time to shine.

If you'd like some help finding that perfect pair which is both comfortable and beautiful, Susannah offers a bridal shoe sourcing service. You can book on her website: She can also help the mother of the bride or bridesmaids to find their special footwear.

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About The Shoe Consultant Ltd

The Shoe Consultant helps women, brands and retailers to make better decisions about footwear. It provides VIP services for busy women who need help finding comfortable, beautiful shoes, and consultancy and training to businesses.

The founder and director of The Shoe Consultant, Susannah Davda, believes that shoes should be both comfortable and beautiful. With over 19 years' experience in the footwear industry and a BA (Hons) in Footwear Design, she has in depth knowledge of women's shoes. From how to make a shoe from scratch, to how to market it, sell it, and price it, Susannah is the go-to person for footwear brands and start-ups needing advice.

With a popular blog, two published books, and regular speaking engagements including BBC radio and ITV News, mum of one Susannah is fast becoming the most sought after shoe expert in the UK.

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