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Finance Training Academy

Financial reports: the fourth 'R' on any manager's curriculum

27 March 2015 12:27


Business leaders can breathe a sigh of relief on 1st April, following the rebranding and fresh launch of the Finance Training Academy. Established by former ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Yorkshire Women's Network chair Andi Lonnen, the academy aims to educate business professionals on the contents and implications of financial reports. This business finance training is specifically aimed at those who don't work on the financial side of the business, giving them unexpected, uncommon skills and the know-how to use them to increase profits and drive performance targets.

Andi has seen a great deal of success with her courses over the last two years, and has used this popularity as a springboard to revamp and update her business. This means that from 1st April, the Finance Training Academy will continue to deliver nationwide classes, but its most celebrated one-day programme - Finance for Non-Finance Professionals - will come with accreditation from the CPD Standards Office and a money-back guarantee.

Speaking about this change, Andi said: "I'm excited that financial training for non-finance professionals is becoming much more popular as business leaders and managers recognise its huge value in the workplace. They can be the best leader of people in the world and this, combined with some financial knowledge and acumen, will ensure they achieve the full potential of their department. I sometimes say magic can happen if managers understand their numbers! Empower people and they can help you achieve bottom line improvements."

Andi first began her business after realising that many managers and business owners lacked a familiarity and comfort with finance that would have stood them in better stead to grow their business. Since then, she's moved from strength to strength, chairing the nationwide ACCA Corporate Sector Panel, and speaking at events such as Forward Ladies, Ladies Just Wanna Have Lunch, Women at Work and the Legacy national women's conference.

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About Finance Training Academy

A fully qualified FCCA accountant and experienced commercial Finance Director, Andi Lonnen is well positioned to provide the highest standard of practical finance training and 1-2-1 coaching services to all levels of an organisation. Combining both her extensive knowledge and experience of finance with a great passion and enthusiasm for training and developing people, Andi ensures her training sessions provide the best learning experience in a safe environment with skills that can be implemented in the workplace immediately and have everyone buzzing to do so!

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