The only thing brighter than the lights at music festivals in 2018 will be the glitter in the crowds. After the glitter beard Christmas craze, we’re festival-ready with a full range of kits… for every part of the body. Think big, shiny barnets and spectacular jewelled designs. There’s even a Glitter Lips Kit for revellers who like to leave their mark.

In six years at Men’s Society & Apothecary Department, we’ve never had more fun developing a product range. Picture a group of thirty-somethings with a few buckets of glitter and a lot of imagination! We love a good festival, so these festival glitter kits are fast becoming our favourite (And most asked about) creations.

The range includes:

Glitter Hair Kit (For Him)
Glitter Hair Kit (For Her)
Glitter Beard Kit
Glitter Lips Kit
Glitter Boobs Kit
Glitter Bits Kit

If you work for a magazine, newspaper or blog and fancy bringing some glittery chaos to your office - email for freebies.

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Every company has a backstory. This is ours:

Despite the name, we’re not a cult, a bunch of do-gooders or a club for cruising men; so apologies if you’re reading this in a dark room expecting something a little racier. We are however, a merry band of people creating fun, designed focused, quality men’s gifts.

We've had an exciting ride since we started all this in 2012. Like most businesses it was borne out of too much wine and some bold optimism. Resigning from proper careers, was followed by instant regret and severe panic about mortgage repayments before the realisation set in and we never had a holiday ever again.

Today, from our base in Lincolnshire (the undeniable centre of the world) we supply some of the world’s leading retailers with ranges of unique, British made men’s gifts. We travel to all corners of the globe: Tokyo, Brooklyn, Berlin, Shoreditch to ensure that we stay current and on trend.

Proud UK manufacturers our products are handmade by a lovely but terrifying team of tea swigging ladies. Touch their biscuits and die. Our kits are designed to be amusing and appealing, but, importantly - they all perform too. Our all -natural beard oil, is tried and tested and loved, our sneaker cleaning fluid has been developed alongside some the country’s best chemists to discover what really gets dog shite off your Nike’s.

Detail, design and quality are at the heart of what we do and pride, honesty and creativity are at the heart of how we work.