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Female entrepreneurs win top prize at Essex Big Business Boost Awards

25 September 2015 18:30


At the Essex Business Boost Awards on 24 September, female entrepreneurs Sarah Collins and Lucy Morgan won the top business award and a cheque for £3000 with their business Morgan Collins Ltd. The products within their Gecko Magic Sleepwear range provides a discreet and reusable solution for incontinence sufferers.

Mums, Sarah and Lucy both had children suffering from Nocturnal Enuresis (bed wetting) and were frustrated that none of the High Street retailers could offer them a discreet product to solve this problem. They were not alone as research shows that there are over 800 thousand children in the UK aged between 4-9 years old who suffer from Nocturnal Enuresis growing to 4 Million in the larger EU markets.

Sarah said “Lucy and I realised that there was a gap in the market for a new type of pyjamas with a highly absorbent lining that holds wetness away from the skin and, unlike a nappy, older children are happy to wear. We wanted to create a machine washable product that looked like normal pyjamas and at the same time remove the stigma associated with this problem”

Sarah and Lucy took their idea to Invest Essex and won a place on the Essex Innovation Programme. Working with business mentors specialising in product development and marketing, they have filed an international patent and created the range Gecko Magic Sleepwear for children. Development is continuing and they are also now creating a range of adult and other related incontinence products.

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Incontinence is one of the last health taboos in modern society effecting both children and adults. Morgan Collins has patented an exciting new, long awaited, innovative product that provides a discreet, environmentally friendly alternative to embarrassing, bulky disposables for children and adults.

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