Recently there has been a spike in illnesses which cause a dramatic change in quality of life, both physically and emotionally. Mystery illnesses such as Thyroid Conditions, Autoimmunity, Digestive Disorders, Female Hormones, Skin Conditions, Fatigue, Chronic Pain, etc. have an enormous impact on the lives of those affected by them.
Often these conditions are mislabeled and poorly understood. Very rarely is the root cause investigated or addressed. This leads to repeated doctor’s visits, uncomfortable blood draws, and chronic suffering.
Join Functional Medicine expert Dan Trussler; he will discuss the 6 overlooked causes of mystery illnesses and provide a strategic action plan you can apply immediately.
This Workshop will focus on a non-invasive, natural, evidence-based approach that has helped 1000s of people return to health and feel like themselves again.
This is also an opportunity to ask questions, feel heard, understood, and connect with a group of supportive people who are on a similar healing journey. If you want to walk away feeling empowered with a proven and practical action plan you can
implement right away, register for this event.
Date: Saturday, October 14th and 21st 2017 @ 11 AM
Cost: FREE to the public
Location: Ancestral Health
6 Station Road
Tiptree, Essex. CO5 0AD
Maximum 2 tickets per person.
Seating is limited. Registration is required.

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Ancestral Health - formed in July 2017 by registered osteopath Dan Trussler who's on a mission to reverse the current rising trend of chronic disease and illhealth.
Frustrated by his inability to help certain patients recover from the pain that they came to see him with as an osteopath, he re-trained in Functional (or Lifestyle) Medicine, whereby he now can get to the root cause of the patient's pain by addressing their diet, lifestyle and mindset towards health.
This is the same approach as used by Dr Rangan Chatterjee on the BBC1 Series 'Doctor in the House". Indeed Dan met Rangan at a recent MeetUp group for practitioners in London.