ParkBee has been announced as Farnborough FC’s first sponsor for this season. As well as sponsoring, ParkBee also have taken on the operation of the football club’s car park, helping the club maximise income on their land through ParkBee’s simple and innovative technology system.

On the recent sponsorship, ParkBee's Co-Founder, Tom Buchmann, states "It's great to be sponsoring a sports club as we also believe in bringing people together over a shared interest. Our company was founded on the vision to help a city by connecting people who need parking to all of the private buildings and spaces they can't usually access... Sports stadiums being one of them! So it's really great to support a flourishing, local team".

ParkBee, the UK’s hottest Proptech contender, is scouring the country for car parks – promising not only to make the site owner wealthy but also to help the average person pay a fraction of what they are currently paying for parking.

Aiming to change the country’s view of parking, ParkBee is transforming the painstaking process into an enjoyment, where users can enter barriers from their mobile and pay automatically.

They are currently offering £10 welcome credit to new users who register at

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Most major cities have parking issues; it is usually difficult and unaffordable to find a decent parking spot. However, there are plenty of private car parks in great locations, sitting vacant for long periods of time, that are not accessible for public use.

These include private office car parks, hotel car parks, shopping centres and private plots of land sitting in locations with high parking demand. These are the types of sites that could join the sharing economy, making parking better for the public, better for the environment as congestion is lowered, and also bringing the site owner a good extra income.

ParkBee has developed smart technology that opens up these private car parks to the public, making the parking experience seamless and more affordable.