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Holly Plant

'Failed Entrepreneur’ Approaches Top Directors to Make His Amazon Best-Seller into A Film

07 December 2015 09:00


Duncan Ridler, also known as ‘The Failed Entrepreneur’ is approaching directors and procurement teams across the world in a bid to share his incredible story with the world.

Two years after successfully publishing his first book, Duncan is trying to get it turned into a film with the help of local agency, Little Red Chimp.

Despite the name of the book, Mr Ridler said: I’m an entrepreneur. But I’m also a failure and I always thought that made me a failed entrepreneur- until now.”

His bitter-sweet tale depicts many peaks and troughs associated with success and failure in an upbeat, but realistic manner. From driving around in the latest sports car, to sleeping rough on a bench, ‘The Failed Entrepreneur’ is an inspiring story that takes you on a weird and wonderful journey.

As part of the ongoing campaign, Duncan is inviting people to follow his adventures in real-time via social media, email and regular blog updates.

For more information on the book or #makemybookafilm, visit or contact Adam Norman via email: or call 07515 805 061.

About The Failed Entrepreneur
The Failed Entrepreneur is a best-selling book released November 8th in 2013. This is the true story of Duncan Ridler, an ordinary man determined to avoid an ordinary life. His solution? To become an entrepreneur.

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