Help your team unwind by visiting an escape room on Relaxation Day, this Tuesday August 15.

Over the course of the last decade escape rooms have grown in popularity and are now seen as a great way to help boost morale and support team development.

Gareth Beeston, Managing Director of Other World Escapes, said: “Escape rooms are the biggest trend of the 2010s.

“They bring together families, help to build more solid teams in the workplace and give the players a way to be healthy.

“It get's them out of the house or office and into an immersive scenario filled with physical and mental puzzles that test the limits of the players"

Estimates from the UK Health and Safety Executive in 2016 show that in 2015/16 around 11.7 million working days were lost as a result of work-related stress, depression or anxiety.

The NHS choices website cites being active as one of the best ways of reducing stress and anxiety too.

New research from mental health charity Mind suggests that two in five women and one in three men have taken time off work for poor mental health.

Gareth added: “We know that mental health is a big problem in the workplace and lots of people, particularly men, find it difficult to discuss these issues or address them.

“Using escape rooms to help support the development of your team then also has the added benefit of helping those members of staff who are less inclined to discuss their problems.”

In addition to the health benefits of the escape rooms, Gareth is also keen to stress the educational benefits too.

He says that at Other World Escapes their Mayan escape room in Southampton uses ancient Mayan glyphs, numerics and rituals as part of the game to educate the players of the Mayan cultures.

According to Gareth and his team, over 80 per cent of the bookings they receive come from those who have never been to an escape room before, so they believe the market is still growing.

They would like to invite teams of all sizes to visit and enjoy what Other World Escapes has to offer, and the health benefits that come from an active workforce.
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