National Enterprise Network, the membership body for enterprise support organisations, has published “Enterprise, the Economy and Society – an enterprise manifesto statement from National Enterprise Network”.

As the membership body representing the enterprise support sector across England, National Enterprise Network have set out three clear areas of enterprise which they believe any new Government should acknowledge. Each and every enterprise support organisation within their network has demonstrated its commitment to local enterprise and business development by staying true to their mission for more than 30 years. Their resolve is strong and their passion is clear. NEN believe that the new Government needs to appreciate their insights and understand its importance.

The three enterprise policies they want to see acknowledged are:

1. Belief in the value of local support
2. The credibility of all start ups – regardless of size or potential
3. Admission of potential issues presented by the removal of EU funds

The three key policies focus on the value of enterprise locally and nationally.

NEN believes in the value of local support and looks at the importance of, and impact being made by their members within their local economies. They highlight how their members are positioned as true enterprise hubs within their local communities and flag up the need for LEPs and Growth Hubs to work more collaboratively with local partners.

NEN have made a call for all start ups, regardless of size, to be given credibility and support, and have highlighted how helping all entrepreneurs is more important than ever in the post-Brexit economy.

Lastly, a call is made to acknowledge that leaving the EU will lead to potential issues when EU funds are removed. The funds, which have provided support to a wide range of people, must be replaced while the application process and delivery mechanisms should be streamlined and simplified.

Dawn Whiteley MBE, National Enterprise Network Chief Executive said: “Ultimately, our country needs to ensure all levels of enterprise are seen as a vital part of British life – and commitment to our three key policies help to achieve that. National Enterprise Network is a truly passionate supporter of the role of business in generating a prosperous and fair society and strongly believe that this message needs to be given as clearly and positively as possible.”

The manifesto is another example of NEN’s ongoing commitment to support sustainable micro and small businesses and the organisation welcomes discussions on the manifesto contents from others in the enterprise support sector.

The document is available to view on National Enterprise Network's website:

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National Enterprise Network is the only membership body in England representing those working in the enterprise support sector. We believe our members are crucial to Britain’s economic success. Our role is to support their work, promote the results they achieve, and connect them with opportunities for even greater success. NEN membership is traditionally, but not exclusively, made up of not-for-profit enterprise support organisations providing independent and impartial advice, training and mentoring to new and emerging businesses. The organisation represents a variety of enterprise support organisations; including enterprise agencies, Chambers of Commerce, local authorities and other specialist providers.