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National Enterprise Network

Enterprise support organisations welcome new self-employment review

15 February 2016 07:30


National Enterprise Network, the membership bofy for enterprise support organisations, has commented on the independent review of self-employment in the UK by the founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company Julie Deane OBE which was published on Sunday 14th February 2016.

Commissioned by the Prime Minister last year, the review assesses what additional support can be provided to the increasing number of self-employed people across the country, better understanding their motivations and revealing the challenges they face.

The review makes a number of recommendations for the Government to consider and outlines the need of the private sector to recognise the increasing economic potential of the self-employed.

Dawn Whiteley, Chief Executive of National Enterprise Network commented as follows:-

“We very much welcome the recommendations made in Julie Deane’s review; we were delighted to be consulted as part of the process and are very pleased to see some elements of our discussion are included in the report. In particular our belief that all of those who embark on self-employment are important and Government needs to do more to make sure their value to the economy is more fully felt, they are often inadvertently undermined by Government policies but they are taking risks like any other business owner and are contributing positively, that should be better recognised.

We were also pleased to see reference to the changing nature of the labour force, particularly in regard to the number of self employed people who do not look to grow their businesses by creating additional jobs. This was a key element of our discussion with Julie – based on the experiences of our members we have seen many more self-employed people who have no intention to create jobs, but who frequently come together with other self-employed people to take on bigger contracts and larger assignments. We believe Government should find alternative methods to measure growth in order to respond to this changing way of working.

Last but not least we are most pleased that the value of support was recognised in the report, this is what our members are doing day in and day out and all the evidence shows that those who take advice and support as part of starting a business or becoming self-employed are much more likely to survive and thrive than those who don’t. With this in mind, we all need to find ways to do more to encourage them, to support them and to champion them!

We look forward to working with Julie and with Government in developing and implementing the recommendations over the coming months.”

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About National Enterprise Network

National Enterprise Network is the only membership body in England representing those working in the enterprise support sector. We believe our members are crucial to Britain’s economic success. Our role is to support their work, promote the results they achieve, and connect them with opportunities for even greater success. NEN membership is traditionally, but not exclusively, made up of not-for-profit enterprise support organisations providing independent and impartial advice, training and mentoring to new and emerging businesses. The organisation represents a variety of enterprise support organisations; including enterprise agencies, Chambers of Commerce, local authorities and other specialist providers.

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