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Energy product launched by utilidex

17 April 2014 15:06


Utilidex enable users of their new product to manage their energy and FX costs, and their new ‘Energy Scoreboard’ product better enables users to identify and analyse all areas of energy exposure.

The new product has received the commendation of key industry figures, such as Lord Resedale, CEO of Energy Managers Association , Aily Armour Biggs, CEO of Global Energy Advisory and Mervyn Bowden of Intuitive Energy Solutions – all of whom attended the launch.

Richard Brys, CEO of Utilidex, was pleased with the launch of the new product, and is keen to stress the importance of energy expenditure on business.

“Energy spend has the potential to impact net profitability in years to come” – Richard Brys, CEO Utilidex
Utilidex straddle two of Level39′s industry specialisms, delivering solutions in both the financial services and future cities market.

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