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John Cottrell - Breakthrough Growth Coach

Enabling employees to achieve optimum performance - new performance model is published

04 April 2017 11:19


The background
John Cottrell has always been fascinated by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs where only 2% of people are supposed to be able to reach self-actualisation. What about the other 98%? How can we facilitate those needs being met to motivate those people to be more, achieve more and be happier?

Many big corporates say that they recruit the best for their senior roles but are those people reaching the self-actualised state and what about everyone else in the organisation? If they aren’t reaching fulfilment, how are they performing? Companies invest so much in tech, buildings, product development and recruitment but often only have a small allowance to invest in the people who work for them.

John’s theory is that there are two main areas that stop people from getting on in life and their careers - unresolved negative emotions and deep-rooted limiting beliefs. He has designed a process to reset a person so they cast off the damage and all that remains are experience and the ability to grow.

How it works
John is a breakthrough growth coach so his focus is facilitating people through a process where they can achieve self-actualisation and become the best version of themselves, therefore improving performance at work.

The Perfect Performance Pyramid (see attached diagram) is a new model that John has been taking some of his clients through for the last 2 years supported by a range of tools that he is either qualified to deliver or has developed himself.

His Perfect Performance Pyramid takes individuals and teams through 9 key phases via 90-day alignment sessions:
1) How do you align yourself with the values of the place you work for?
2) Recognise and discard the unresolved emotions you carry with you (since childhood in many cases)
3) Recognise and address your limiting beliefs using the Limits Wheel
4) Stop running those unconscious scripts in your head - hit the reset button. What do I want? How does that overlap with what my employer needs?
5) Fitness and fuel - address your physical tension and needs - consider how staff sickness affects the business you work for
6) Remember how time flies when you are in your flow? As an employer, how do you match tasks to an employee’s flow for maximum efficiency?
7) Engagement is the first level where the team come together as a group in this process. At what level of engagement is your organisation comfortable?
8) Bring the team together in a natural rhythm of communication, planning, delivery and feedback - capitalise on the improvements and knowledge from previous levels
9) At the top of the pyramid is emotional intelligence. Found more naturally in women, empathetic leadership is much more effective than confident leadership.

The results:
Multiple small improvements work together to create a compound effect on business growth. When you reach the engagement level having let go of the past, embraced the present as an individual and moving forward with your team in rhythm and in flow, it is not surprising that your results are better!

Client result:
Christopher Watkin, the UK’s no.2 letting agent growth guru - 2 years ago working 6 days a week and only making enough profit to pay a low-level management salary. In 2 years, he has increased turnover by 600% and makes 15 times the profit whilst working less - in fact, he could fit work into 3 days a week. Working with John enabled him to realise where the issues were, changed his mindset and the way he runs his business. He now has more time with his family and is focused on becoming healthier. “At the end of the day, John Cottrell has changed my life.”
Pyramid levels implemented: Emotions, Beliefs, Programming, Physiology, Flow.

Media interviews:
John Cottrell is available for interview by contacting:
Sally Butters
07887 495198

Imagery available:
John working with a business owner
John headshot
The Perfect Performance Pyramid - copyright John Cottrell
Limits Wheel - copyright John Cottrell

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Press Contacts

Sally Anne Butters

PR Director

Tel: 07887 495198


About John Cottrell - Breakthrough Growth Coach

If you have that feeling that you and your organisation should be able to achieve more, or achieve more easily, the chances are that you are now as successful as you are ever going to be. Until you are able to let go of that which is holding you back and clear the invisible roadblocks in front of you, your journey is over!

Everyone, and every organisation, reaches their own unconscious limits. Some stretch further by sheer hard work but, whilst looking outwardly successful, beneath them and around them it doesn't look pretty - and it can rarely be sustained in the long term.

You may know exactly what "it" is or you may have no idea. It doesn't matter. You can still make Breakthrough 2.0 (my name for my performance model) work for yourself and organisation - fast. We are talking a matter of days. Some break through much faster. Imagine being you, only better, equipped only with the wisdom and experience that your success to date has brought and none of the scars that came with it.

The current mantra is "employee engagement" but this is the 7th level of human performance in an organisation. The first six levels are mostly hidden and rarely, if ever, addressed. Becoming the best possible versions of themselves, having more peace of mind, greater emotional resilience, feeling lighter, more energised and healthier makes a dramatic difference to performance from the boardroom to the washroom. People will be happier at home too. Who says you can't have it all?

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