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Ella Vine Lingerie

Ella Vine lingerie and magnetic suspender belt launch

26 July 2016 16:45


Model and chess champion launches lingerie brand Ella Vine

On the 26 July a new luxury designer lingerie brand was launched in the UK, Ella Vine. The brand created by a plus size model and three times national chess champion, Ella Vine, will cater for all shapes and sizes. The start up is supported by Essex Innovation Programme.
The launch follows a year-long product development and will coincide with the launch of the world’s first magnetic suspender belts.

While the lingerie industry seems to be saturated, Ella Vine brand offers something new, fresh and innovation in areas where previously it was thought to be impossible.

The magnetic sussie received a warm welcome from Jack Levene, former Head of Lingerie at Marks & Spencer UK, who said: ''The magnetic fastening on this suspender belt will be a great boon to both the user and to their partners. This is the first innovation in years, it speeds up production and makes it far easier for the user when attaching or removing from stockings.''

The magnetic suspender belt excited the art, performer and model communities. Helen Kitajewski, Finalist of Miss British Curve 2016 and Miss Pembrokeshire Curve 2016:‘’This product is unique and innovative - I can't wait to get my hands on the product itself! This new suspender belt also looks fabulous, in a range of sexy colours’’.
Khandie Khisses, one of UK’s top 20 burlesque performers said: ‘’In burlesque you are always looking for new and novel ways to help with the tease of your performance, this marvel from Ella Vine lingerie has provided an ingenious way to help us. In our day to day stocking wearing, who doesn’t love a garment that makes it easier to be a sassy hosiery wearer?!’’
Lady Blue Phoenix, a burlesque dancer said: ‘’ I can't wait for it to come out! I and my colleagues think that this will change the burlesque world as we won't have to worry about the damage to our tights from the metal or plastic hooks that are used in the current suspenders. It will open up a door to wear different stockings and we will know they are more secure and will stay in place’’.
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Ella Vine

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About Ella Vine Lingerie

We are a luxury lingerie brand based in London. Our lingerie is elegant and comfortable, in small and large sizes, up to size 28 UK and cup G. We sell world's first poppy suspender belts that attach easily to our poppy stockings via poppy studs.
Among our wide lingerie collections we also offer crystal bras with semi-precious healing stones. We dressed in our lingerie all finalists of Miss Poland in the UK & Ireland 2017 and we are a Finalist of Essex Big Business Boost 2016.

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