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Effective Modern Coaching - groundbreaking new book from renowned business coach

05 November 2014 15:01


The generation of people now active in the workplace has dramatically changed from
previous eras. Employees have a different set of values and a different outlook, which is less
compliant, with a greater sense of self and is subsequently more difficult to ‘command and
control’ than their predecessors. Organizations - the employers - are struggling to find ways to respond, not just to this generation, but also to a vastly more volatile world.

Responding appropriately is, in part, about finding ways to engage the people in
organizations and help them develop and deploy their talents—to their own benefit and
to that of the organization. Individual performance is a cornerstone of corporate
performance and the need to achieve more – be that productivity or innovation – from
fewer is becoming increasingly vital. In his ground breaking book, world-renowned business coach Myles Downey provides authoritative and proven techniques for any manager, executive or indeed coach who wants to bring out the full potential of their employees and clients through coaching. Coaching is a demonstrably successful approach to helping individuals to perform to higher levels and is arguably required more now than ever.

Effective Modern Coaching aims to develop managers and executives into great coaches,
who can transform the performance of individuals and teams in their organizations. Downey looks at the art of coaching from different perspectives and provides practical tips, models and sample dialogues of how to handle various coaching situations.

“Coaching is one of the most powerful levers any leader has to drive the performance of their team, and Myles is one of the most insightful thinkers in the field. Effective Modern Coaching is an inspiring work that takes a compassionate view of a very human challenge: helping individuals to reach their potential. “ Richard Barkey, Founder and CEO, Imparta Ltd.

“A seminal work that positions coaching where it needs to be... driving performance. I have used this work in leadership programmes in many different sectors and countries and
it resonates with all. The only coaching text you need.” Simon Day, Qatar Gas.

“If you buy one book on coaching this year make it this one.” Cliff Kimber, Founding Partner, BigBlueStuff


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