Why is the beautiful game so beautiful? Because it’s a shared experience. It’s about your mates, your dad, your son, it’s a common passion.

Current fantasy football just isn’t the same. It’s not real time. It’s not social. It just can’t have the same impact. Or can it?

DugoutFC is the most advanced fantasy football application on web and mobile. There are hundreds of reasons why this app is going to take the football market by storm, like the intuitive interface, perfect scoring model and the ultra competitive draft based system.

However the main thing that DugoutFC brings to fantasy football is real time action and most importantly, your mates.

The application features real time chat across web and mobile. There is a reason why WhatsApp has grown to 800 million users globally, and we are bringing that functionality to fantasy football. Opponents can interact with each other 24/7 through our mobile apps.

Couple that with real time scoring and updates that feed directly into the chat so you can instantly gloat over each new point and send taunts to your opponent.

Draft nights bring friends together, physically, or virtually for an intense night of football stats, picks and banter.

Now that the fantasy football season has started, If you’re serious about fantasy football, you don’t need triple captain wildcards to keep the game interesting, you just need a direct line to your opponent and all the info at your fingertips to crush him.

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The ultimate fantasy football experience across web and mobile.

Launched in July 2015 for the 2015/2016 premier league system, dugoutfc is a draft based fantasy football application which is taking the market by storm.

Features include:
- Superior scoring model using the complete data set supplied by Opta, making every player important
- Physical or virtual high tension draft nights
- Integrated live chat, for score updates, taunts and gloating over opponents
- Head to head games, not point accumulation

If you're serious about fantasy football, you'll be on this season.