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Don't Buy Her Flowers

Don't Buy Her Flowers for Mother's Day...give her hot tea, gin and Recovery.

08 January 2016 08:45


Hard-working Mothers deserve a gift that makes them feel appreciated on Mother's Day.

If that can include gin, an actual hot cup of tea or a package that contains everything for a candlelit bath and products to soothe and relax from top to toe, most mothers would be over the moon.

Don't Buy Her Flowers sells beautifully wrapped, thoughtful gift packages with options to tailor and add items to make it perfect for the recipient. With high reports of women crying when they open their package, the gifts convey so much more than a predictable bunch of flowers.

Top selling packages include:
The Recovery Package, ideal for anyone that needs some TLC and to be reminded to take a bit of time for themselves. It says 'shut the bathroom door, light the candles and soothe and scrub in to recovery'. Includes four gorgeous British products for hair, nails, body and face plus candles with the option to add luxury sofa socks. The Recovery Package starts at £41.

The Some Like It Hot Package is great for anyone with a baby/small kids. Especially perfect for mums who are fed up of microwaving cold tea. Includes a Thermos mug in a choice of 4 colours and delicious shortbread and the option to add Tea or Green tea with mint or luxury hot chocolate. From £17.50

The Any Occasion Package
perfect for mum/mother in law/granny. A choice of scarf with truffles and hand cream, with the option to add wine or gin & tonic or Champagne. The gin package is extremely popular - who wouldn't want gin in the post?! From £25

Don't Buy Her Flowers was set up in 2014. Founder Steph Douglas was inspired after when she received more flowers than she had vases for after having her babies. Steph said:
'It struck me as bonkers that the go-to gift for new mothers is another thing to care for, at a time when someone is doing more caring than they've ever done in their life. Our packages are all about the recipient and letting her know she is loved.'
Since launch customers have increasingly ordered the thoughtful packages for birthdays, get well and when they want to let someone having a hard time know they're being thought of.

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About Don't Buy Her Flowers

Don't Buy Her Flowers sells thoughtful gifts for new mums and anyone that deserves some TLC. Our packages are all about encouraging the recipient to take a bit of time to herself or with her partner, because she deserves it.

Each package has been carefully put together using primarily British products and arrives beautifully gift-wrapped. Many customers report recipients cried when they opened their package, overwhelmed that someone is thinking about what they actually need. Best seller The Care Package contains a magazine, tea, flapjack, handmade truffles and a scarf. The Recovery Package is all about taking time out with five products to sooth and polish from top to toe. Other packages include Gin & Tonic (very popular for Mother's Day 2015), dry shampoo, and a Thermos mug to finally combat the issue of parents never getting a hot cuppa. COOK food vouchers can be added to any package, giving new parents or anyone feeling below par great food delivered to their door.

Set up in 2014, the idea for Don't Buy Her Flowers came after founder Steph Douglas had her first baby and received more flowers than she had vases for. Research found that 96% of new mums receive flowers, and Steph saw that a go-to gift that requires looking after at a time when someone is doing more caring than they've ever done in their life makes no sense. Initially with a focus on new mums, customers quickly started also buying packages for birthdays, get well and any occasion where they wanted to let someone know they're being thought of. Steph also writes the Sisterhood (and all that) blog, an honest account of motherhood and relationships.

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