Do you want to succeed as a Music Artist?

The rise of social media means there are many more opportunities to promote yourself and get noticed. Our music marketing course will teach you simple techniques to ‘open doors’ and further your career. You can create your own success!

Invest in yourself. Through our interactive workshop you’ll gain the skills to make the most of online marketing opportunities. You don’t need a degree in business or marketing, just the right know-how and a whole lot of self-belief.

Our one day course covers-
-Defining your style and creating a unique and appealing way to publicise yourself
-How to identify your core fans and how to communicate with them
-Building a website as the centre of your marketing plan
-Money making opportunities, including merchandising and selling your music
-Creating and promoting a memorable gig experience
-How to make social media work for you.
-How to get media coverage
-Good old fashioned flyering and other offline marketing techniques
-Creating a team who will support you

You’ll leave with
A personalised marketing plan made up of everything we’ve covered and a greater understanding of how to get started with it. We also offer a follow up 1:1 session with a marketing professional to support and advise you further.

Saturday 26th September 2015

*The course is led by Phillipa James, chartered marketer with 12 years experience in business marketing. She has worked with a number of musicians and artists.

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Phillipa James is an award winning chartered marketer and entrepreneur. As well as running several companies, she is a spokesperson for disabled entrepreneurs.