An article appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette(1) in August 2016 linking median income to heel height. Research found that women in the USA who live in a city with greater median income, purchase footwear with higher heels.

Could the same be said for women in the UK? Do women in more affluent regions feel the need to elevate themselves? Footwear experts The Shoe Consultant Ltd surveyed adult women living in the UK(2), and combined these results with income data from the Office for National Statistics(3). The findings shed light not only on wealth versus heel height, but also on the North/South divide and the shoe preferences of women living in rural and urban environments.

Susannah Davda of The Shoe Consultant Ltd explains: "There is no difference in heel height preference between women in the UK who live in higher and lower income areas." Davda even debunks the myth that Northern girls always wear high heels to go out, stating "We found that no respondents to the survey whether from the North or South of the UK say they "always" wear high heels to go out in the evening". Despite this statement, the survey did reinforce the stereotype somewhat. 42% of women living in the North of the country said they wore high heels in the evening most times or about half the time, compared to only 30% of Southerners.

How does population density affect our choices? Do women living in quieter areas choose more casual footwear? "It's true that moving to the countryside tends to encourage a more laid back personal style" says Davda. The survey found that women living in villages and rural areas are 11% less likely to wear high heels to go out in the evening, than those in towns and cities.

We asked Susannah Davda for her top tips on how to successfully wear high heels on a night out.

• New shoes? Wear them around the house for a few days in a row to wear them in.
• Shoes rubbing a bit at home? Put plasters on the problem areas before you go out to prevent blisters, rather than trying to patch up already sore feet.
• Use gel cushions under the balls of your feet, or better still, buy styles with built-in padding.

For more essential tips from Susannah, head to her website

(2) The Shoe Consultant Ltd surveyed 106 women living in the UK - September-October 2016
(3) Office for National Statistics data on median weekly pay of female full time workers in the UK – 2015

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About The Shoe Consultant Ltd

Susannah Davda has over 20 years’ experience in in the creative and business aspects of the footwear industry.

Whilst studying for a BA (Hons) Degree in Footwear Design, she worked in five different shoe shops. After graduation she spent many years working for footwear brands and retailers, within the UK market and internationally.

Susannah set up as an Independent Footwear Consultant in 2015, based near London. She advises shoe brands globally, and has helped lots of exciting shoe companies; from start-ups to established businesses.

With a popular blog, two published books, and regular speaking engagements including BBC radio and ITV News, mum of one Susannah is fast becoming the most sought after shoe expert in the UK.