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Disruptive content-sharing tool Openr launches Chrome Extension

19 June 2015 08:30


Innovative marketers and brand-owners can now add their own promotional message to everything they share with just one click – thanks to the launch of the Chrome Extension and Bookmarklet from Openr.

Since the public launch of Openr in late 2014 marketers, from global brands to small businesses alike, have been using it to get the action they want from all their content sharing. Rather than just sharing articles and blogs across their social networks and email marketing, they are using Openr to add their own promotional message and a direct call-to-action to that content as well, just like this –

This week the Openr team released their Chrome Extension and their universal-browser Bookmarklet and it is completely revolutionising the user-journey. There is now no need to open and log-in to the Openr platform to create an Openr link. Now all you need to do is click the Openr icon once installed to the browser and it will bring Openr to you. Making it the no. 1 fastest way to create an Openr link and integrate it into any social media, email or social media management platform.

Not only that, but the Openr Chrome Extension also includes a Social Media helper which means that when you paste a URL into Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn etc it will ask you if you'd like to add an Openr to that link, helping you make all your sharing drive the action you want.

If you’re already an Openr user, get hold of the Chrome Extension or the Bookmarklet here:
If you haven’t joined the Openr community yet – sign up for a free upgraded trial here:

If you’re new to Openr see how it works here:
To hear more about the Chrome Extension and see how it works read more here:
To hear more about the Bookmarklet and see how it works read more here:

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Christina Richardson

Co-founder and MD

Tel: +44 (0)7850220354 or +44 (0)207 759 1240


About Openr

As a disruptive mad-tech platform recently named Future50 and one of Entrepreneur Magazine's must-have marketing tools, Openr is shaking up the world of content marketing.

About Openr:
• New content-sharing platform Openr is all about engaging the engaged: Social and content marketers use our platform to add a message with a clear call-to-action to all the content that they share – on social, on email, even via paid-for distribution - unlocking the right action, at the right time, with the right audience. When consumers are engaged with the content being share, they're much more likely to tune into a brand message. That's why Openr messages get an average 5% CTR;
• Openr was co-founded by established and award-winning entrepreneurial team Christina Richardson and Vitaly Yakovlev;
• Openr was accepted into the leading London accelerator programme Accelerator Academy in January 2015;
• Openr was selected as one of the British Future 50 in March 2016;
• Openr was picked at the winner of the Cannes Lions Innovation Start-up competition in May 2016.

About the founders:

• Christina Richardson – aka co-founder and CMO at Openr – is a bit of a marketing pro. After starting her first business at 19, she went on to spend much of her career managing and growing FMCG brands worth in excess of £100 million, then turned her hand to young start-up brands, and has never looked back since. She is a business mentor at University College London, a Titan for School for Start-ups, a regular speaker at industry events, and has written for the likes of Marketing Donut, and Business Matters, as well as the business publications of GrowthAccelerator, HSBC, BT and Vodafone.
• Vitaly Yakovlev – aka co-founder and CTO at Openr - is the IT brains and visionary behind Openr. At the age of 7 he got his first computer and by the age of 10 he had created and sold his first software - beginning a lifetime of passion for all things techie. He went to the University of Aerospace Instrumentation, so rocket-science is exactly up his street. While studying he developed real-time software systems that were used by the Nuclear Energy, Telecoms and Aerospace industries and upon graduation Vitaly started his software development company that grew to operate in 3 countries on 2 continents – creating bespoke software platforms for large corporations and exciting start-up brands alike.
• The co-founders met when working in CMO and CTO roles for an innovative high-growth start-up in the UK. They then went on to launch award-winning start-up marketing community Brand Gathering (which was acquired in 2015), followed by Openr.

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