A disability charity has called for a refreshed look at inclusivity in the sport.

The Disabled Racing Drivers Car Club, a UK charity that pledges to help motoring enthusiasts get involved in the sport they love through experience days, has made the call in advance of this weekend’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend.

Patrick Ward, Vice President of the Disabled Racing Drivers Car Club, says: “Watching and participating in motorsport is one of life’s great joys for so many people – regardless of whether they have a disability or not. Our members are gearing up for another riveting Grand Prix, and we think now’s the perfect time to shine a spotlight on just how diverse the fan base can be.”

The Club provides a friendly environment, allowing its members to get involved with grassroots level motorsport. From watching the cars to competing in races, the Club gives members the assistance they require or request.

Ambassadors for the charity include disabled racing driver Aaron Morgan, classical soprano singer Hayley Moss and driver Phil Armes, who was left paraplegic after an accident.

“Our aim is to start with track days,” says Patrick. “As we get the funding, we’ve set ourselves the goal of getting as many members out on the race track as possible. A lot of our members just enjoy getting involved in the whole operation, helping the backroom staff to the important things that make any motorsport event run smoothly. But we’ve got a much larger vision than that: we want to build a race series for the disabled with their own class.”

Patrick would like the charity to provide support for as many people as possible, and is currently supporting a young boy who needs open heart surgery.

Patrick added: “Jack Ferguson is 14 and has a leaking heart valve. We have taken him under our wing so he can get involved in the sport. We’d also really like to raise the funding for him to get more involved.”

The charity relies heavily on donations and fundraising activities.


For more information contact Patrick Ward on 07880 703568 or email

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We are a friendly club where you can get involved with grassroots level motorsport, anything from watching to competing and all points between. We are affiliated to the Motor Sports Association (MSA), the only governing body for motorsport in England, Scotland and Wales.

We are also a registered charity, and donations will help us get more disabled people into the sport. Our aim is to start with track days and, as we get the funding, to get people out on the race track competing or helping the backroom staff doing the important things to make any motorsport event run smoothly.