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Grub Club

Dinner Party on the Tube...the new way of entertaining!

28 January 2015 23:02


Established in early 2013 by Olivia Sibony and Siddarth VijayaKumar, Grub Club is a one-stop shop for informed foodies, looking to experience unique dining adventures.
Part dining table at home and part experimental kitchen, each Grub Club event brings like-minded people and places together – enhanced by a little chef-led creativity.
Grub Club is dedicated to bringing unique experiences to life through pop-ups and supperclubs, hosted by a range of chefs – from talented amateurs to Le Cordon Bleu trained to Michelin starred – often in interesting and obscure spaces. It also acts as a platform for new and aspiring restaurateurs looking to bring their ideas to market.
Since conception, Grub Club has promoted events across London. The concept is simple; chefs and their host venues create an event and upload it onto the Grub Club site. Once approved, Grub Club promote it to an already widereaching, informed database of foodies who then start making reservations. Grub Club also facilitates introductions between chefs and venues keen to host an
Olivia and Siddarth met by chance in 2010 when they were both living and working in South India for a year. A lasting friendship was quickly established and once back in London, their shared love of food, travel and meeting people quickly sealed their destinies when Grub Club was born.

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About Grub Club

What is Grub Club?
Grub Club is the key that unlocks hundreds of nights of hidden dining in spaces you never knew existed.

Thanks to our platform, diners discover amazing meals around big sharing tables cooked for by creative chefs in unique spaces around London.

We support micro-entrepreneurs: enabling chefs to set up their food businesses and demonstrate their talent to a captive audience.

How do we do this?
We connect experienced and budding chefs with unique venues which they can use during their down-time.
Chefs can then set up their dinners, or "grub clubs" on our site so that diners can search and book a seat at these unique, one-off experiences.

Chefs are able to gain exposure and build their following through our platform
Venue owners gain an extra source of income while their space is lying idle as well as free marketing for their space
Diners discover new talented chefs, cuisines and spaces, join fun, social meals and meet new, like-minded people, all the while supporting small, independent businesses along the way.
Win win win!

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