Did Rebranding Just Shape My Future?

In August 2009 at the age of 14, I sat in my bed creating what I thought was beautiful pieces of jewellery. I decided to contact my local beauty salons (with the help of mum) and managed to get my jewellery into a salon just down the street and the owner was nice enough not to charge nothing for it. Months went by and pieces were shifting but not in any sort of handfuls. Years went on and with university and work taking over, the jewellery became something I done in my spare time.

In August 2017 I decided to sit down and use the information on business marketing that I had learned and try implement it into my small jewellery business. From there, I decided to rebrand to The Daze Collection, ensuring all of my pieces were modern & elegant with sparkle. From rebranding and maximising the god send of social media, my sales literally shot up over night and now I am seeing sales in numbers I could never have imagined. I have just turned 23, I am in the middle of training to become a lawyer and currently working part time as a procurement executive getting to travel all around the UK, my future is bright with the path I have taken, yet my small, minuscule jewellery business is all that is on my mind.

Did rebranding just shape my future?

The future holds marketing with the focus on diversity as well as sales maximisation.

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At the age of 14 I began to create and sell my jewellery. Selling it first in a local beauty salon for over a year. With life moving on and other big ideas taking over, the jewellery making became something I done in my spare time. The passion for it always has been there and this August, I decide it was the right time to rebrand my business and market it with the new skills and experience I had learnt. With the rebranding of my website and the miracle of what is social media, I am receiving sales in numbers I wouldn't imagine. Has it been my luck? Have I finally created thee product? Or has it been due to the rebrand?