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Charleh Dickinson, 20, Warrington Born, Lives in Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam Student.

I am a healthy food writer (www.designed2eat.co.uk) and owner of an all-natural, unique company called Designed2Eat. We have in a innovative range of cake and cereal which are dairy, gluten, wheat, egg, soy, corn, baking yeast free plus only have naturally occurring sugars which are suitable for Paleo, Vegan, diabetics, healthy eating and athletes. We specialise in using healthy, natural ingredients to bring guilt free cakes and cereal for everyone to indulge together.
We sell them online (www.designed2eat.myshopify.com) in a variety cake sizes from small bite-size to large 9-inch celebration cake which we deliver through the post!
We have only recently launched our celebration cakes because we have specially designed cake packaging which allows us to send the cake though the mail service: be bashed around, flipped about and still arrive to the consumer in the same, high quality condition in which we sent it.
We also sell RAWnola which is the first grain-free healthy cereal in the UK and is a taste sensation which explodes in your mouth packed full of flavours; cinnamon, all spice & cloves. RAWnola is manufactured by Fundamental Supplies, a Wigan based business.
In the recent months, we have been featured major competitions such as Strength in Depth, The Glacier Game; guests on BBC Sheffield, supplier of the Women in Journalism at NEWS UK, BBC Business and much more.

Designed2Eat's Story

I am a former elite athlete having medalled at British Level in Swimming, Athletics and Modern Pentathlon with Wigan BEST and it was through the discovery of my many allergies to dairy, gluten, wheat, sugar & caffeine which made me interested in nutrition.
In January 2013, when I was studying my A-levels at Winstanely College, I started a healthy food blog within the Paleo lifestyle which rapidly grew in popularity on Instagram.
My father and Co-director, Peter Dickinson (owner of KUB Ltd, based in Wigan) recognised my passion for healthy eating and the effects food has in relation to your health and as a consequence bought me a company (Designed2Eat) for my 19th birthday in September 2013.
We sold many healthy products through my food blog but it wasn't until I came to university at Sheffield Hallam University, study Food Marketing Management as well as started to work within the food industry in Sheffield that I discovered my passion for Food product development.

Over the next year, I develop a range of yummy cakes such as our Fudge Brownie which is high protein, high fibre and one of your five a day as well a sweet coconut cake which is famed as the best pre-workout snack.
Our cakes are unique because of the ingredients we use and means that family and friends can enjoy yummy treats together.

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Designed2Eat is a global opportunity in the sweet food sector as we specialise in all natural cake that are dairy, gluten, wheat, egg, soy, & corn free with only naturally occurring sugars. We cater for people who follow a Paleo, Vegan, Athletic or weight management lifestyle or people who suffer from allergies and intolerances.

We are a unique company is that we have the ability to post our cakes nationwide, even our full sized 9-inch celebration cakes, as we are the first company to do so plus a whole host of innovative, delicious guilt free foodie treats.

Charleh is a Sheffield Hallam Student studying Food Marketing Management and was previously an elite athlete and coach who suffered from many allergies and intolerances herself.

Her aim is to able to provide cake to people who are either on the go and need a healthy sweet snack or the cake at the end of the meal that everyone can enjoy together.

"Have your cake and eat it" because Designed2Eat only uses real ingredients that you are designed to eat.