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Lola Tech

Dazzle Joins Pros in Paris to Discuss Transformative Voice Trends in Travel

20 December 2017 09:45


Charles Cadbury, Co-Founder of Dazzle, will be in Paris at The Smart Voice Summit to discuss how voice applications are innovating travel.

Dazzle will be on stage at Europe’s first voice assistant event, The Smart Voice Summit, taking place in Paris on 1st February 2018. Charles Cadbury, Co-Founder of Dazzle will be joining other trailblazers in this space to detail how voice applications are being used in travel. Backed by Lola Tech (an enterprise travel software business) he launched Dazzle to help travel brands deliver inspiring customer experience through conversational interfaces.

The event, bringing together the leaders of the voice revolution, will provide practical advice for companies looking to initiate their own voice strategy. The experts will be exploring the advantages of such technologies and highlighting the key challenges that companies may face in their implementation.

Sales of the Amazon Alexa have now hit over 10 million and the amount of Google mobile searches in voice sits at 20% and is forecasted to grow. With the addition of major investments by the biggest players in a variety of sectors, voice is dominating the headlines. Cadbury, in an exclusive roundtable, will be providing a step by step guide to help travel brands incorporate voice to boost customer engagement. He will be showcasing recent use cases and test results to demonstrate how such interfaces can make travel more personalised and frictionless.

In discussing the upcoming event, Cadbury commented, “With voice we are back at the beginning of a voyage of discovery and I'm looking forward to meeting the other people at the forefront of exploration of these technologies.”

To find out more information on the event, please visit The Smart Voice Summit. To get further insight on how Dazzle is using conversational interfaces in the travel industry please visit or contact Charles Cadbury directly at

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