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Carmen & Rafaele Ltd.

"Damn It! Ill do it myself"…................. introducing the launch of our womenswear brand Carmen & Rafaele

03 February 2016 12:15



"Damn It! Ill do it myself"….

Those were the words that came blurting out of my mouth in March 2013 after scouring numerous shops desperately trying to find clothes that were "different", that weren't "mass produced" and therefore everyone else was wearing, that were made of "quality fabric" that would last and in "natural fibres" that didn't make you hot and sweaty, that "fitted comfortably" and enhanced a women's natural body shape instead of restricting movement and cutting off my circulation every time I went to pick up my son!, and finally, that were well made in the best certified factories in the world with ethical standards.

"Am I asking for too much?"….
Obviously, I was ……at the time!

I trained at London College of Fashion and spent the next 20 years establishing and leading product development and quality control teams in both manufacturing and retail UK companies both onshore and offshore, before taking a break when my son was born….until, that moment in 2013…. when Carmen & Rafaele was conceived!

Carmen & Rafaele was launched in essence to bring “Art into Fashion” and create timeless transitional clothes that are wearable all year round. We have two ranges. The “C&R special edition” range which is made from exclusive digitally printed natural fabrics and the exclusive HD digitally printed “T-shirts and glad rags” range retailing between £39.00 and £165.00.

For Spring / Summer 2017 we will also be launching the "C&R Athleisure" range which will be consisting of deconstructed tailoring.

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Press Contacts

Carmen Redondo

Co founder

Tel: 0845 094434


About Carmen & Rafaele Ltd.

Carmen & Rafaele is a British lifestyle brand offering affordable luxury and catering for the discerning modern women who wants stylish, timeless and comfortable clothes for all occasions.

We specialise in high definition exclusive prints based on manipulated photographic images with each print inspired by nature or a specific location around the world …. Every print has a story! 

The ranges are designed so that the styles can be mixed and matched and therefore appropriate for an evening occasion by using heels and accessories, or dressed down for the school run by using sneakers and t-shirts or even made formal by mixing with tailored trousers or skirts.

We print only on premium quality natural fabrics that are washable and have dedicated 2 years of R&D to develop our new exclusive block patterns to ensure a comfortable fit in every garment which are made in the best certified factories in the world.

Carmen & Rafaele has at present two ranges comprising of the Carmen & Rafaele "Premium woven’s range” forward order and the Carmen & Rafaele  jersey tops range "T-shirts & Gladrags” in stock and short order.

We can also offer exclusivity of styles and bespoke design for clients subject to minimum order quantity.

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