Curious Press Release
Curious is a North East LGBT arts festival exploring and celebrating LGBTQ culture. In 2017, we undertook a rebrand for the festival.

We worked on a rebrand with the client on a consultancy basis to understand the motivation behind the festival. The festivals aim was to break boundaries, start dialogue and have political purpose, along with providing queer artists opportunities to showcase and perform.

We focused on a brand revolution, and created an identity that represents exploration and culture. We experimented, collaborated and explored various routes, until reaching our final idea of ‘deconstruction’. The brand challenges perception and regimes, and represent connections, culture and pride to capture the LGBTQ community.

Using the individual LGBTQ flags, shapes and colours, and bringing them together, the brand concept is deconstructing labels and bringing them together to represent unity, diversity and difference. This captured the Curious values, whilst creating a strong and exciting visual language that translates easily across print and online communications.

The identity uses solid colour and shapes to create impact. The bold colours, shapes and fluid compositions seen throughout the identity come together to represent constant exploration and experimentation. The identity is a call to action, to gather communities to explore and celebrate LGBTQ culture throughout the festival.

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