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Business Agent

Crowdfunding aggregator positions itself for responsible investing

23 October 2015 14:15


New crowdfunding aggregator, Business Agent, is encouraging businesses looking for crowdfunding debt and equity investment to make sure they have done the best possible preparatory work before applying.

‘Crowdfunding is an alternative to bank and traditional equity investment,’ says Business Agent CEO Sacha Bright. ‘It shouldn’t be seen as an easy option though, and a way of getting funding without proper ‘bank like’ due diligence being done’
Business Agent, itself setting the example by obtaining FCA regulatory approval, points out that too many businesses are seeing crowdfunding as a way to avoid the bank manager’s interrogation. On the contrary, they point out, it is private investors’ personal funds which are put into crowdfunded businesses, suggesting that the various crowdfunding platforms have an obligation to ensure that the proper due diligence is done before they promote any business.

As well as coordinating various of the different crowdfunder opportunities on one website, Business Agent also offers a detailed programme for businesses to go through to drill them on the best way to prepare for their funding round, and to present their business in the best way to investors. The dual objective is both to ensure successful investment for the business, but also to deliver a well thought through investment for the investor.

‘Investors do need to be aware that when they lend or invest, they are the bank, and if they get their analysis of the investment wrong, they stand to lose their money. Crowdfunding is a growing, and excellent way to enable businesses to access funding outside of traditional banking, and to enable investors to earn a higher return than from a traditional bank deposit. It is important though that the proper work is done to ensure businesses are ready and investors fully understand the risk, which is why a key element of Business Agent is working with the businesses before they approach funders,’ says Sacha Bright.

This approach is supported by Virgin Start Up, who are working with Business Agent on preparing some of their businesses for crowdfunding. Other business support groups are expected to follow suit.

The next Discover Crowdfunding Days are in planning with demand expected to be strong. The Virgin Start Up programme sold out within the first 20 minutes!

Business Agent is the first FCA approves aggregator site for crowdfunding businesses and investors.
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Sacha Bright

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