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12 November 2014 13:48


Aviation and Tech Capital Ltd, the company behind the peer to business lending platform, are pleased to announce that they have signed an agreement with Synthesis to invest through the Ablrate platform.

Synthesis was the first organization to launch an EU-regulated fund dedicated to investing in P2P loans. Synthesis Multi-Asset Architecture SICAV-SIF, SCA, domiciled in Luxembourg and launched in June 2012, initially seeded the first US-based fund, investing in whole loans through its Synthesis-P2P Sub-Fund, and now holds over 90,000 loans originated by Lending Club and Prosper. The Synthesis-P2P portfolio reflects the rapid evolution of the P2P/marketplace lending industry, building on its initial exposure to consumer loans by strategic diversification into other types of credit, notably commodity trade finance, invoice factoring and leases on fixed assets, securing partnerships with leading experts in each field to support its development.

As part of this strategic advancement, Synthesis will invest $20 million through Ablrate over the next 12 months, having begun with a placement of $2.150 million in November.

Ablrate CEO and Co-Founder, David Bradley-Ward said “We are thrilled to welcome Synthesis as an investor and believe this commitment from them validates the aircraft financing model that we are pioneering. The Synthesis team has shown that it is very forward thinking in the P2P marketplace by creating the first European fund to invest through platforms, and now Synthesis is the first such fund to recognise the benefits of investing in the aircraft leasing marketplace alongside our existing investors.”

Synthesis Founder and CEO Spyros Papadopoulos said “We have been speaking with Ablrate for some time, evaluating the proposition, the model and the technology. Our investment philosophy is to look beyond just the platform and evaluate the people behind the business. We have been very impressed with the professionalism of the team, their depth of knowledge of their industry, as well as that of peer/marketplace lending industry, and we are excited to be working with Ablrate.”

Ablrate specializes in the leasing industry and is the world’s first platform to offer transactions in commercial aircraft leasing. With investors looking to the peer lending industry for more yield, but increasingly more for asset backed loans, Ablrate believes it has a unique model in the industry. Bradley-Ward said “The consumer loans sector of our industry is obviously a huge marketplace for alternative finance platforms and gets most of the attention. However the aircraft finance market alone will, according to Boeing and Airbus, require $4.5 trillion dollars within the next 20 years. Couple that with the swathes of capital that will be required for the wider leasing industry and you have a huge market to tap into. Here at Ablrate we feel that, with investors like Synthesis partnering with us, we can become the de facto platform not just for aircraft, but for the wider leasing industry, and this is our goal.”

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About Ablrate

Ablrate is a peer lending platform specialising in asset backed transaction in the leasing industry. It is the world’s first platform to offer transactions in commercial aircraft leasing. It launched in 2014 and has completed three aircraft transactions to the value of £1.8 million.

About Synthesis

Synthesis Multi-Asset Architecture SICAV-SIF, SCA is an investment company with variable capital formed as a "société en commandite par actions" with multiple Sub-funds under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Synthesis focuses on making investments which, through a combination of innovative technology and expert human knowledge, allow capital from investors to be transferred efficiently to the companies and individuals who need it, without the expense of traditional intermediaries such as banks. Through its P2P Sub-Fund, Synthesis seeks as far as possible to avoid exposure to investments where there are ’winners’ and ’losers’ in financial transactions, investing instead where the team can see real economic benefits being derived.

Press Contacts:

Ablrate: David Bradley-Ward
07814 722 364

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