As we take a huge sigh of relief and press GO on our latest venture, a print publication for Harlow and District Chamber of Commerce members and loyal supporters, we reflect on what great content actually is.

When I started my career 15+ years ago (in what was then customer communications agency Redwood Publishing) branded content only existed for a crazy yet innovative few. Volvo Magazine was a Global CRM publication produced to engage and inspire new Volvo customers. I worked my way around the roles on the team from editorial assistant to promotions to advertising, I got to know the publishing process whilst also understanding the clients business and their motivations/objectives. I remember sitting in Media Buying Agencies presenting the magazine to the planner buyer types who looked down their noses and 99 times out of 100 said, "free magazines don't work, there's no value in this type of publication".


Volvo Magazine worked, it worked on a global scale. It helped change perceptions and supported the evolution of the brand from a boxy, safe and unsexy automobile to the exceptionally attractive brand it is today.

Good, decent quality content that is well thought out, relevant and presented properly is invaluable. Since starting out on our own as an agency working with SME's the amount of people I've heard saying, "it doesn't matter what it looks like, we just need to get something out there" or "we'll just whack something together last minute" is really saddening. It's so important if you believe you have a very decent offering, service or product, to ensure the quality of communication from your brand is very decent too. Content on the internet, emailed into someone's mailbox or posted to someone lasts, it doesn't have a short shelf life, it will always exist, in some cases even when it's deleted it can still be found. If content is worth doing it's worth doing properly and making sure it works and reflects your business properly.

If we've learned anything from self-publishing our own magazine its that it won't always be 100% perfect but you should ALWAYS aim for it to be.

Stories magazine is published by Magnificent Stuff Ltd for HDCC and loyal supporters. If you would like a copy of the magazine please contact Steve on 07723024865

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You have a great story to tell, some stories are obvious, others may lie dormant in the DNA of your company waiting to be shared. Understanding your business and how it relates through stories to your customers is a sure-fire way to yield relationships that stand the test of time. When you are passionate about your business it attracts customers. We know the best results come from really understanding your business and being as passionate about it as you are. Tell us about your company and we'll mould both your story and your passion into results.