For many, New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration. However, for some, especially the older generation, New Year’s Eve can be a lonely and fearful time.

The combination of alcohol-fuelled unruly behaviour, packed crowds, and the worry of thefts can make New Year’s Eve a disaster.
But here at, we believe that this should not be the case. We believe every one of every age should have fun and feel safe on New Year’s Eve.

To help you enjoy this New Year’s Eve, we have offered practical advice so you and the family can end the year on a high.

1. Protect the home from thieves
Unfortunately, home thefts typically rise by up to 20% on New Year’s Eve. This is normally because the majority of people are out at parties and many homes are left empty thus vulnerable to thieves.
To prevent this, keep your lights turned on all night regardless of whether you are in the house or not. Ensure that all your windows and doors are securely locked too.
Also make sure that your curtains and blinds are closed so no valuables are on display.

2. Do not hesitate to call the police if you feel threatened
People can get loud and rowdy after a few drinks on New Year’s Eve, which can be a nuisance when you are trying to sleep.
Make sure that your windows are closed to prevent the noise disturbing you and consider using ear plugs to block out the sound.
If people are still being unruly and disorderly after a fair amount of time outside your home, then stay inside, do not confront the group and call the police. The police can find out what the group is doing and ask them to move on.

3. Be careful if you are going to public fireworks
If you are planning on going to a public firework event this year, make sure that you take extra precautions to stay safe. Keep all your belongings close to you in a secure bag or pockets.
Arrange meeting points with your loved ones in case you lose each other in the crowd. Also make sure that you stand back from the crowd, it can often get rowdy near the front.
However, do not feel like you have to go to the actual firework event. Very often, the best view of the fireworks is on your TV.

4. Wrap up warm
Unless you’re spending your New Year’s Eve in Sydney or Dubai (in which case, I’m very jealous!) then chances are, you are going to need to wrap up warm.
Wear several light layers than one big chunky layer. This is far more effective at trapping in warmth than wearing one big layer. Thermal underwear and under layers will help with this too.

5. Keep your phone close
Whether you’re at home or out and about, it is important to keep your phone on you at all times.
This way you can call a loved one or the police in the case of an emergency.

If you are taking your loved one to a public fire work event or a party, you may want to consider giving them a Pebbell device so you can keep track of them and find their location if they get lost.

The Pebbell can also send an alert to loved one’s with the GPS location – these devices are great for children and the elderly.
You can buy a Pebbell device here -

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