Southend-on-Sea-based barbers Company HQ have now launched their new barbering academy, set up after years of teaching prisoners to become barbers.

The Company HQ team has over 20 years of barbering, hair and beauty experience, and are using this background to train up the next generation of barbers in their new facility.

The experience of getting involved in training prisoners to become barbers made the Company HQ team realise how lacking the prison education syllabus can be - and it was this realisation that led to the decision to share their passion, knowledge and expertise with those wishing to get into the industry.

Based in Southend-on-Sea, the Company HQ Academy offers a barbering course that runs over four months full-time or nine months part-time. Those completing the course will obtain a Level 2 NVQ diploma in Barbering.

In addition, the academy offers a one or two-day fading course for those with at least a year's experience, and a traditional hot towel and cut-throat wet shave course suitable for all levels. All three courses require participants to bring their own kit and include work on live models.

Company HQ's Essex premises also includes a barbering salon that is open seven days a week, offering a full range of services including haircuts and styling, patterns, beard trims, hot shaves and more - complete with free hot drinks for all customers.

Says a Company HQ spokesperson, "My work in prison education showed that the quality of the barbering syllabus can sometimes be overlooked by the training providers, and the resources provided to the tutors extremely limited which means training could be better. With our new barbering academy, we want to train up the high-quality barbers of the future.”

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About CompanyHQ Barbers

Company HQ is more than just a barbers. We are passionate about our work, so much so that we have developed our shop into an academy so that we can teach others the art of professional barbering. With 20 years of experience and growing knowledge we are the definitive barbers and our only wish is to share our passion with our customers and pupils of our academy.