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Growth by Design

Company blending reinvents marketing approach for local businesses

06 March 2017 15:42


‘Two heads are better than one’ was the answer for local business owners, Tim Rylatt and Henry Laker. Both had clients needing the combined and aligned help of business strategy AND marketing services. Henry says, “I’ve run a marketing company in Haywards Heath for the last 15 years and, whilst it has been very successful, my clients often found it difficult to understand how to match our marketing services with their broader business strategy and other suppliers. They would very often approach us with individual requests without the context of how it fit in the overall marketing plan and longer term business objectives.”

Tim has been coaching Sussex’s business owners in growth strategy for the last 10 years, “My clients would identify marketing needs to support their growth goals but almost universally needed an expert in their team as they didn’t have the time or skills to get the job done. I found it was frustrating to try and help them connect lots of separate planned marketing activities through several different suppliers, all of whom had valid but different views on the best approach. It was obvious that it would make more sense to offer a combined solution, no wasted time and conflicting views.”

Tim had a lightbulb moment in early 2016 when he realised that a combination of their two businesses could create the perfect answer. A company that could complete all the marketing tasks a business required but regular touch points so business owners really understand the impact of activities and how they can turn the sales funnel on and off to achieve their growth objectives.

The blended business offering comes under the appropriately named brand of Growth by Design. It launched with a cross-over of both businesses’ previous clients who were impressed with the first quarterly content planning meeting provided. They could immediately see the joined-up approach offered great potential.

Lee Wells, MD of Surrey & Sussex Partitioning, explains, “We started working with Henry’s team 18 months ago getting our print and digital marketing off the ground. When we became clients of Growth by Design, we attended a workshop where we talked through what we wanted to achieve, who we wanted to target and their team went away and put it into a marketing plan. This gives us a structure for our marketing campaigns for the next 6 to 12 months and once the campaigns have been measured, we’ll know what works for us to generate new customers, we can manage our sales more effectively. For example, since our website has been redesigned, our enquiries have tripled and they are from people within our target locations. This means less travel and improved profit margin. We are designing our company growth through smart marketing!”

Both Tim and Henry are available to provide guest comment or Q&A features for your business owner readers. Possible areas for comment with real-life examples:
Increasing business using competitions on social media
A guide for effective business networking
How to set up and run promotional seminars or workshops
Advice on different marketing channels and which can work best for different business sectors.

Please contact Sally Anne Butters at Rev PR for more information:
07887 495198

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Sally Anne Butters

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About Growth by Design

Our vision is to enhance the reputations, efficiency and profitability of small and medium businesses across the world through the provision of supportive, powerful, cost effective and modern marketing support services in a way which gains them local recognition but with worldwide presence.

As a client of Growth by Design, you’ll enjoy a friendly welcome and a genuinely connected service with a business outcome focus.

At the needs assessment stage you’ll find that you learn new things, and gain more passion and motivation to put your company’s vital messages across to the very best prospects in innovative, professional and considered ways. You’ll benefit from attentive listening, and pro-active suggestions.

You’ll enjoy the creative and well structured approach and be able to easily recognise the expertise of the well trained team. By the time we start to deliver your marketing service you’ll already be confident and excited about the results…

Once your project or support programme is underway, you’ll feel consistently well informed, with the ability to positively interact and be responded to. As a team, you’ll find that no matter who you talk to there is always a willingness to help and a focused mind ready to help you. Your project will be delivered to timeframe and to the required specification or beyond, and you’ll love the human level of care applied to the work being completed.

Throughout and beyond the working relationship with our team, you’ll find that you are appreciated, valued, and well supported, meaning that you’ll gain the confidence through experience which will not just allow you to refer us to your friends, clients, suppliers and others you know, and this will be at a level where you’ll choose to do so with genuine enthusiasm!

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