High grade HD printed Oxford Polyester easy construct 3-Person tent.

The Monster Factory Limited, one of the leading manufacturers of innovative, design led products recently announced it would be expanding its stable of internationally renowned licenses into a galaxy far far away. The company, which prides itself on crafting unique products, have partnered with Disney’s Star Wars.

“We are thrilled to partner with Disney and their Star Wars license to showcase our products in the leading retailers of the world”, says owner and CEO of Monster Factory Martin Grix. “Their passion and dedication to the franchise is well known. It’s an honour to be able to design with this license.”

With a history of producing fun but highly functional products the vision for the Star Wars tent was clear, encompass the warmth of the classic designs of the Star Wars license whilst producing a ground-breaking tent that was forward thinking in its technology. They took the designs and tweaked them. No more threading metres of highly flexible pipes through canvas, the Death Star Tent uses a new rapid construct system with a knuckle click one-piece mechanism. Just pull the centre of the poles and they open together requiring a quick click of the knuckles and the tent frame, ground sheet and inner tent are constructed in under 60 seconds.
The canvas is crafted from an incredibly hard weathering Oxford Polyester that is High-Definition printed with an intricate Death Star surface design. Martin added, “In keeping with the heritage of the brand, the Death Star Tent remains susceptible to damage from Photon torpedoes!”

The Death Star Tent will be available for pre-order at £249.99 as of Thursday 23rd November 2017 from

The Monster Factory has been producing some of the most viral and popular products in the market since 1998 and revealed that whilst they are maintaining the heritage of the original Star Wars films they’ll be adding their own unique spin to the lines.

To learn more about current and upcoming products please visit The Monster Factory website at:

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Established in 1998, The Monster Factory designs, manufactures and sells unique products.
We specialise in working with licensed brands to create products that are really appealing and complement the brand.
Our products have created new licensed categories and won numerous industry awards.
We also work with retailers and Licensors to develop exclusive ranges and bespoke products.
With offices in the UK, USA and China we can take a concept through to the final finished packaged product worldwide.

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