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One Big Switch


10 March 2016 11:45


Scotland’s fastest growing cost of living club; One Big Switch has welcomed recommendations by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to promote energy price competition, but are encouraging consumers to take action themselves and switch.

The CMA recommendations are made in the wake of their findings that energy customers have been overpaying by around £1.7 billion a year. One Big Switch agrees that the proposals could help relieve many Scots from the current energy affordability crisis.

One Big Switch is currently running a people power campaign to promote energy switching. The Big Energy Switch campaign aims to use the combined buying power of 20,000 Scots households to unlock group discounted electricity and gas offers for registrants.

The campaign has registered and surveyed over 8,000 Scots households and found awareness about switching to be a real issue and that people are suffering as a result of it.

The survey found that:
- More than half of all Scots households are suffering from fuel poverty,
- 3 in 4 are making significant sacrifices to afford their energy bills and
- 1 in 4 either ‘didn't know switching was possible’ or considered it ‘too hard’.

David Liston, Senior Campaigner at One Big Switch has responded to the proposals by the CMA saying; ”Any measures taken to promote energy price competiton in Scotland are a welcome move. Fuel poverty in Scotland is rife, 3 in 5 are suffering from it and 1 in 4 aren’t even aware of the benefits of switching”

“While these recommendations are a welcome move,at this point in time, consumers are best to help themselves by shopping around.
Ask for a better deal from your existing provider or join the Big Energy Switch and work together to unlock group discounted electricity and gas offers.”

One Big Switch ran the Big Energy Switch in Scotland in 2015 where 34,000 consumers took part. That campaign unlocked group discounted electricity for thousands for Scots.

Joining the Big Energy Switch is entirely cost and obligation free. Consumers who wish to sign up can visit Registration closes at midnight 25 March 2016. Case Study families who have joined the campaign can be provided.

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