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Perpetual V2G Systems Ltd

Clean Tech Start Up wins national refrigeration innovation award- Zero Carbon

01 October 2014 14:29


PV2G have taken the commercial refrigeration sector and completely disrupts how they currently operate.
Their innovative approach to solving the carbon target failures that are present has been recognized by sector leading experts at a national award competition.
The application in focus is a system designed to be installed onto 3.5 tonne home delivery vehicles, used by all the major UK supermarkets. Each supermarkets fleet is continuously rising to meet online grocery demand.. In line with this is growth in fuel costs, and more importantly CO2 emissions.

Their patented Start Stop system allows the vehicles engine to be switched off when loading and making deliveries. This equates to lowering engine idle times by approx 3-4 hours per day. When applied across a fleet of delivery vehicles, they provide massive fuel savings and unrivalled CO2 reductions.

Both controlled and operational tests have been undertaken, with fantastic results.

They are currently engaged with one of the UKs largest online delivery supermarket, as well as receiving support from a global refrigeration speacilist.

Expect to see this system rolled out by the end of 2014.

For more information on the system, or to talk about their upcoming Crowd funding campaign, please get in touch!

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About Perpetual V2G Systems Ltd

Clean Tech, disruptive carbon reduction solutions. Our patented systems provide fleets users with a alternative way to produce power for mobile use. Applications include refrigerated home delivery vans, police vehicles, media vans, service support vehicles.
All can reduce their fuel costs and lower carbon emissions by fitting our non intrusive proven application.

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