Permanent lip blush or full lip colour is fast becoming a hot trend all over the world.

Year on year in the UK there are more women choosing permanent make up as a time saving alternative, and permanent lip pigmentation is a popular treatment.

Getting your lip colour tattooed on might sound a bit scary, but it’s not like a regular tattoo.

Lip pigmentation uses a much kinder, less invasive method of colour implantation, where pigment is only placed in the upper layers of the skin. It is a great way of adding definition, colour and perceived volume to your lips, making you ready for anything all day every day.

When you decide to get your lip pigmentation done, one of the first questions will be what colour to choose.
In this article, El Truchan shares her top tips for choosing the right colour for you.

You can still use lipstick
Your new cosmetic lip tattoo is designed to act as your every day base, but it doesn’t mean you should throw out your lipstick collection! You shouldn't use lipstick during the healing process, but once everything is fully healed, you can use lipsticks, glosses and balms as usual.

You can pick the effect you wish to achieve
The best permanent make-up practitioners will use shading techniques to give your lips a very natural look or more made up depending on your needs. They may start with shading techniques to archive the 3D lip fullness or recreate your favourite lipstick colour.

The lip colour will fade
During the permanent make-up procedure El uses a skin safe, pharmaceutical grade pigments, which is not the same as traditional tattoo inks, there is a colour fading to be expected over time.

Colours that are very close to your natural colour will probably need touching up once a year, whereas if you go two to three shades away from your natural colour, the touch up may not be needed for a couple of years or more.

What shade will suit my skin tone?

Identifying your undertone: El will look at your undertone and will help you choose the right colour for your type. There is a bit of a science behind it and it's important that your practitioner understands how to work with your natural lip colour.

If this is something you were thinking of, why not send El and email and book a consultation or your treatment visit? contact to find out more.

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