The Montessori method of education markedly increases the independence and confidence of children, according to the staff and parents of Bluebell Montessori School in Wembley, London.

The method, originally developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is an educational approach designed with young and inquisitive children in mind, using guidance to allow them to build their own paths in life. It is based thoroughly in science, encouraging the observational tracking of a child’s development from birth all the way to adulthood.

The approach aims to nurture the spirit of the child and allow their physical, emotional and creative attributes to shine through the use of peer learning groups, focused and lengthy work periods, and the thorough guidance from teachers trained in Montessori methods. Having witnessed the great things that a Montessori approach can achieve, staff of the Bluebell Montessori School are keen to spread the word about its effectiveness and provide many more children with the opportunity to flourish.

A spokesperson for the Bluebell Montessori School said: “The Montessori method has been around for over 100 years, meaning its success has been established for a while now. Indeed, it has certainly shown results in our children.

“With much debate surrounding the future of our education system and the most effective teaching methods, we believe that now is an opportune time to add our voice to the debate. As a school which provides education for preschool children, we are aware of how vital these years are to overall development, and the Montessori method is a great way to make the best of them.”

For parents who need childcare and nursery services, Montessori preschool education is a great way to give their children a good start in life. To find out more about the method and what the Bluebell Montessori School offers, please visit their website:

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About Bluebell Montessori School

Our school is based in Wembley, in a beautiful white children’s house with amazing surroundings.

Bluebell Montessori School welcomes children from the age of two up to the age of five years old, we are a truly Montessori school applying and teaching using the Montessori Method.