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Wills Express

Chelmsford-based solicitor's Wills Express taking part in Free Wills Month

15 February 2018 14:30


Wills Express, the trusted Chelmsford solicitor which specialises in wills, has announced it will be supporting Free Wills Month, scheduled to take place next month (March 2018).

Supported by a collection of well-respected charities - including the British Heart Foundation, Arthritis Research UK, Dogs Trust and Young Lives vs. Cancer - Free Wills Month relies on solicitors up and down the country to provide their help to those over the age of 55, by providing free will writing services.

Alison Goodier, Manager of Wills Express, said: "Free Wills Month is an annual charity campaign which lies very close to our values as a business. Not only does it remind members of the public just how important it is to have an updated will ready, but it also goes towards helping some brilliant charities and allows us to get behind them."

Wills Express has been a great supporter of Free Wills Month, typically servicing around 20 clients, and 2018 will be no different with members of the public being able to have their wills either produced or updated completely free of charge.

In conjunction with Free Wills Month, Wills Express has underlined the importance of having an up-to-date will written, to ensure that personal wishes are respected after an individual has passed, and to designate Executors ahead of a probate.

Free Wills Month offers the opportunity to leave a gift for chosen charities, giving it a commendable double benefit - both to members of the public, and to the important charities that are involved with the campaign.

With research showing that UK charities rely on legacies for as much as 50 per cent of their income, the importance of Free Wills Month becomes clear; and Wills Express has pledged its support to this fantastic cause.

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About Wills Express

Wills Express is an online solicitor business based in Chelmsford, offering Will drafting, preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney, and advice upon Advanced Directives and applications for Grants of Probate.

Director Alison Goodier has more than 10 years of industry experience.

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