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05 May 2015 17:00


He may be in line to be our next King, and he looks like a good Dad too. Will it mean though that he pulls his weight in the feeding stakes for the country’s new Princess to relieve his wife of the broken nights. Entrepreneur of the Year, and founder of Milkysnugz, Sukhvinder Javeed, certainly hopes so, as she congratulates the family on their new arrival. She has the answer for William too if he is up for the challenge.

Passionate about giving new borns the best nutrition possible, and with clear evidence that breast milk gives babies the strongest start in life, Javeed is a strong proponent of breast over formula. With nine out of ten mothers though now falling into the ‘working mother’ category, Princesses included, many parents are just opting for the convenience of formula milk.

‘If it’s not too personal a question, ‘ Javeed asks, ‘is our new Royal Princess going to be given the best, or should I say ‘breast’, start in life? Or is that not the Royal way? If William is genuinely committed to being a 21st century father, there is a solution. Using a Milkysnugz means that he really could refer to his parenthood as ‘the Royal we’.’

Milkysnugz comforters are designed to pick up mothers smell and keep bottled expressed breast milk at the correct temperature for much longer than has been possible historically, which means that a mother can express her milk well before feeding time, leaving the actual feeding process to the father, whilst she is sleeping, working, or simply waving to her subjects. Of course, if the father is busy too, waving to the other side of the crowd, then a loyal helper can of course help out, but whoever does it, it means that the precious little one would be getting the best nutrition nature has yet been able to create.

In the hope that the royal nanny is taking note, Javeed has dispatched seven Milkysnugz comforters off to Kensington Palace, one for each day of the week. Well she is a little princess after all.

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About Milkysnugz(TM)

Milkysnugz is a product designed by Sukhvinder Javeed as a response to her own experience in having issues with rest feeding her own baby.
Whilst on the one hand Milkysnugz is seen a s a cuddly toy by the baby, it provides a medical benefit to mothers in allowing expressed breast milk to be kept fresh, enabling fathers to help with feeding at unsociable hours, reieving stress and post natal depression from mothers.
It also enables the baby to transition from breast milk to formula milk.

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