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By Kathryn Ltd

Changing the scent of Formula 1: A new team on the grid.

22 March 2018 08:00


Celebrating the much anticipated start of the 2018 Formula 1 season in Melbourne this weekend.

PETROLHEAD is synonymous with car fanatics, usually male. At By Kathryn we think it actually means adrenaline seekers who write their own rules; Synonymous with high octane, excitement, glamour and speed.

Loved and worn by women and men, PETROLHEAD perfume takes on the much loved, iconic world of Formula 1 whilst upturning stereotypes associated with the word.

By Kathryn's founder and Formula 1 fan, Katie Forman says: "I wanted to create a fragrance that transcends individuals and teams and unites everyone in their love for the sport"

Formula 1 inspired perfume PETROLHEAD encapsulates this love and is one of modern perfume brand By Kathryn's two headline fragrances.

For participants and fans, it is all about the performance. Dare to Be Different founder and former racing driver, Susie Wolf recently tweeted: " the message has never been clearer, motorsport doesn't care about gender. Performance counts"

Mirroring this, PETROLHEAD delivers and appeals to all, proving that Formula 1 really can be a sport of equals.

Note to Editors:
Petrolhead perfume: "fearless and modern, vivaciously bold, injected for refreshing citrus, fuelled by botanic spicy notes.
Available in 15ml travel sized perfume spray in vibrant packaging designed to travel

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A thoroughly modern perfume brand | Think outside the bottle and write your own rules.
Launched and founded by Katie Forman in 2017.
"Sense of smell is our most evocative, fast-tracking us to memories and emotions. Perfume inspires memories"

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