What better way to celebrate National Afternoon Tea Week than sharing a cup of tea with some older members of your community and watching some of the archive films from the 1950s & 60s on the new series of Reminiscence DVDs created and published by Devon based social enterprise, Living Memories C.I.C..

Brian Norris (71), Managing Director of Living Memories said "Each of the DVDs contains a number of film clips from the archives of Greenpark Productions Ltd, which was set up in 1938 and is owned by my wife, Leonore. Each DVD covers different aspects of life in the decades after World War 2 and it is very unusual for them not to trigger memories for anyone who grew up in those decades. They are particularly helpful for anyone living with dementia, who may be stimulated by something they hear or see in the films."

"We have spent several years testing the use of the films with groups of older people and one-to-one, including those with dementia and the positive responses and stories we have been told by people who otherwise seem quite withdrawn have been heartwarming. We all have cherished memories, but sometimes it takes something special to stimulate wanting to talk about them." These films seem to hit the spot!"

"Our aim is to create more DVDs, each of which has a Reminiscence Guide which suggests questions to ask and topics to discuss after watching each film clip on the DVD. The Guide is particularly helpful for anyone who works with or cares for older people, but is not familiar with life in the UK in the mid-20th century."

"We find that watching the DVDs can also stimulate conversation between grandparents and grandchildren, which can sometimes help younger ones to get a better insight on life when it was possible to play in the streets, see and hear the milkman with horse and cart and wash clothes in the "twin tub". Those were the days!"

So why not look at to choose a DVD and make a note of some older friends and neighbours you can invite round one afternoon for a cup of tea and stir some memories in front of your TV.

Living Memories C.I.C has just been shortlisted for the Nursing Times Awards 2017 in the category "Care of Older People"

For more information contact:
Brian Norris
Living Memories C.I.C (a not for profit social enterprise)
Colyton, Devon
Tel: 07922233363

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About Living Memories CIC

We are a community interest company (C.I.C) that has been set up to provide services and resources which may help to reduce the isolation of older people in the community in which they live.

Our primary activity is to use archive film from the unique collection of Greenpark Productions Ltd (est 1938) and other sources to create reminiscence resources which can stimulate the memories of older people, particularly those living with dementia.

In addition to creating DVDs with Reminiscence Guides we are developing an interactive online delivery platform so that our reminiscence resources can be watched on iPads, tablets and other mobile devices.

We have been shortlisted for the Nursing Times Awards 2017.