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What Could I Be?

Career Wales Joins What Could I Be? Business Community

07 December 2015 10:30


What Could I Be? is delighted to announce Career Wales as our latest member. Career Wales will be working closely with WCIB to deliver two editions of our i-ZINEs in Wales during spring and summer terms in 2016. We will be printing and delivering copies for every first year secondary school student in Wales.

The first edition, Builders & Makers will focus on the engineering, manufacturing and construction sectors, the second will be Food & Drink. Both editions will be also be provided in Welsh.

Mark Hoban, Information Manager for Career Wales said “The collaboration with WCIB will target young people in Wales and encourage them to start thinking about career ideas and plans as early as Year 7.”

Hoban continues by saying “This is a good way of letting young people and their parents know about the job market in Wales. This product adds to the range of Labour Market Information products we already provide and we’re pleased to support this exciting development.”

Dr Jane Dennehy, co-founder and director of What Could I Be? says “We’re thrilled to be working with Career Wales. There is an incredibly strong alignment between our two organisations and we are looking forward to expanding our footprint in the Principality.”

What Could I Be? (WCIB) is a publisher and social enterprise providing age appropriate career ideas information for young people and their parents to encourage opportunity, promote social mobility and overcome gender stereotypes.

What Could I Be? has a variety of sponsorship and membership initiatives to ensure individuals, organisations and businesses of all sizes can support and invest in the delivery of these free career resources, locally, regionally and nationally.

Career Wales
What Could I Be?

Contact Jane Dennehy 07531 227851 or

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Press Contacts

Jane Dennehy

Managing Director

Tel: 07531 227851


About What Could I Be?

What Could I Be? is a social enterprise which publishes products for young people and their parents to disrupt perceptions of careers which limit choices.

The i-zines are free and distributed to all first year secondary students on a region by region basis.

We are funded through business memberships and sponsors to encourage the relationship between employers, children and parents and facilitate an understanding about the workplace and its many opportunities now and in the future.

For WCIB equality of access to information is a key objective.

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