January: that dreaded month that we all return to work, after a relaxing and fulfilling festive break, and begin to wonder if anyone would truly miss us if we didn’t bother going into work that day.

53-year-old Sarah Kent-Davies, from Pembury, Kent, hasn’t experienced that common feeling of dread in over ten years. She qualified as a care worker in 2007 and since 2016, Sarah has been caring for the clients of Caremark Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge & Malling.

“I absolutely adore my clients and I find the work so rewarding. You can really make a difference to peoples’ lives. I can’t ever imagine waking up in the morning and dreading going to work! I love my job, and I hope that shows in the care that I give.”

Wife and mother, Sarah, says she was born to be a carer but has also been an amateur musician for as long as she can remember. Part of a local band, and a keen trombone player, Sarah is now using her musical talents to help enrich the lives of her clients!

Arthur Ellis, who is 71 and lives in Tunbridge Wells, lost his sight completely in 2006, after contracting Bacterial Meningitis. Arthur, who had enjoyed a varied – and extremely successful – career in the Art and Printing industry before losing his sight, has adapted his artistic technique to create incredible art works since becoming blind.

Sarah spends twelve hours a week with Arthur and assists him with everyday tasks, such as light household chores and preparing meals – but she’s gone the extra mile to ensure Arthur feels capable of bringing his creations to life.

“Caring for Arthur is my job but helping him to feel inspired is a passion. His entire life has been about creativity and it’s important that he never loses that – he’s lost so much already. His artworks, post sight loss, are incredible, so I constantly plan activities for us to do together where he can bring his masterpieces to life.

“Arthur is also a keen musician, like me, so we often sit and play Saxophone together. I’ve invited him and his son along to watch me play in a band, and I regularly introduce Arthur to musician friends of mine. Arthur loves Jazz music, and we share a passion for sixties and seventies tunes, so we spend a lot of time listening to music. Unfortunately, Arthur has experienced a loss of hearing in recent years, so I’m looking into deaf/blind signing. It’s so important that I can continue to communicate with him. We get on so well and have so much in common, that I’ll find any way possible to interact with him. He’s a great man, with so much to say.”

Arthur has relied on the support of carers for eleven years and is also cared for by Barbara Lilley three days per week, another carer working with Caremark Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Malling. Like Sarah, Barbara – known as ‘Babs’ by all of her clients – assists Arthur with everyday tasks and offers him a certain amount of companionship.

Arthur looks forward to his time with Sarah every week and truly appreciates the passion and time she invests in his happiness:

“Sarah is a lovely person with whom I immediately got along with. She is incredibly professional, but I would also count her as a friend – she always has my best interests at heart. Her support with my art work has been a blessing for me. The musical connection was a pleasant surprise and she has helped me in finding another outlet for my creativity. I feel very fortunate to have someone who is supportive of musical endeavours, along with the variety of other day to day activities we get up to. Quite honestly, I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Image attached: Sarah Kent-Davies and Arthur Ellis

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