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Deliamo Ltd

Captivating Corporate Christmas Gifts - 5 Reasons Why To Give Them

10 September 2015 16:00


With three months to go to the big day has your company thought about how to thank your employees and customers?

Deliamo presents a range of unique, distinctive and above all memorable food & drink gifts for companies large and small. Here are 5 reasons why your business will benefit:

1. To Promote Your Brand - There's a lot of competition out there and sometimes not a lot to differentiate one company from another. An appropriate, well thought out gift can do wonders to make your company stand out from the crowd.

2. To Retain Existing Customers - 'People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel'. If you want your existing customers to continue doing business with you give them something memorable which makes them feel great.

3. To Incentive Your Employees - Delivering great results can be reward in itself, but to be acknowledged for your work with a gift takes the satisfaction to a new level, encouraging staff to do even more for their employers.

4. To Say 'Thank You' - At Deliamo we are lucky enough to see so many 'thank yous' passed between companies, groups and individuals. You can not help but smile when you read the gift messages - there is so much goodwill out there that rarely makes the news, but is recognised by the giving of gifts.

5. To Say 'Sorry' - No individual or business is perfect and occasionally mistakes happen - it is how the mistake is dealt with that sorts out the great from the ordinary. Sending them a gift as an apology is a perfect way to recover and even enhance your reputation.

The Perfect Gift

Food & drink gifts are perfect for rewarding customer loyalty, bringing in new clients or incentivising employees.
In a study 57% of companies stated that Corporate Gifts & Incentives always achieve their purpose/objective, while 36% said they sometimes do and only 7% believe they rarely work for their business.
When a panel of 736 consumers were asked ‘Which Promotional Products Work Best?’ Food Gifts was the most popular response.

For more ideas on looking good, feeling good and being good with gifts, take a look at our new range of Corporate Food & Drink Gifts at

Deliamo is an online food & drink business providing delicious and distinctive gifts for your friends and family, special business gifts for employees and customers as well as authentic flavours and tastes of different places for food lovers -

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About Deliamo Ltd

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1. Take a passion for great food and drink
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Deliamo is about celebrating great tastes from every corner of the globe.
We provide unique and distinctive gifts for your friends and family, special business gifts for employees and customers as well as authentic flavours and tastes of different places for food lovers. We champion small, independent craft producers and pride ourselves on exceptional service.

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