London, 22 October 2015 – Only a month after the announcement of the public beta
release of its online artisan food and beverages marketplace, Caprera is already
welcoming 15 more artisan producers on-board, doubling its initial offer to customers.
Meanwhile, first orders have been delivered successfully to early adopters.

The website features high-end products made in small batches by independent
producers. Customers are able to order from an assortment of over 200 artisan products
from around the UK, which will soon expand with the arrival of the new producers.

Caprera aims to make good food accessible so that we may all celebrate the joys of it
together. 30 artisan producers have now joined this growing marketplace. The company
expects rapid growth as the platform develops toward its official launch later this year.

Solving the logistics challenge of food delivery has been famously difficult. Other
companies attempting to create a marketplace for producers have struggled to
consolidate delivery or work with small batch producers. Caprera fixes this by creating a
complete end-to-end ordering experience, where customers can shop from any of the
listed producers and receive their order in a single delivery in the following days.

“This could be a game changer for food lovers everywhere. Broadening access to craft
foods made by artisan producers across the country means we don’t have to settle for
second best anymore.” - Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi, Co-Founder

Caprera espouses full transparency in the supply chain and strongly highlights the story
behind each product and producer. They have produced several mini-documentaries of
producers sharing how they make great food.

Caprera has also published an online food lifestyle magazine with original content about
artisan food culture.

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The marketplace where food lovers and artisan producers meet.

Caprera is a place where we hope to make good food accessible, so that we may all celebrate the joys of it together. Our marketplace brings you artisan products directly from small producers, cutting out the middlemen that prevent transparency.