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Can you crowdsource a business transformation?

18 November 2014 15:01


Can you crowdsource business transformation?

That’s the question being asked by the latest tech startup to enter the crowdsourcing space, as part of International Work Out Loud week.

‘The concept of crowdsourcing has demonstrated huge value in many different contexts. We have seen that crowdsourcing can generate far more innovative solutions, so we would like to explore the an opportunity to extend this way of working to bring solutions to life and actually make change happen in a more collaborative, technology enabled way’ said Founder & CEO of Pinipa, Faith Forster.

‘Business transformations are a very complex, difficult exercise that are notoriously difficult to make successful. Any one who has been through this pain will admit it has something to do with engagement. What if we could turn this around by making engagement the core driver of change using crowdsourcing?’ said Faith.

‘We believe in the power of crowdsourcing, so we are crowdsourcing a whitepaper on this topic.’

Pinipa are inviting you to Work Out Loud and join the debate on whether you believe it is possible to crowdsource a business transformation. All contributors will be recognised in a whitepaper to be published early next year.

“We have already had some great contributions from people at both ends of the spectrum, including enterprise social evangelists and more traditional programme managers’.
‘We recognise this is a very different way of approaching the complexity business transformation brings, so we want to learn from and share the views, experiences and stories of people at both ends of the spectrum,’ said Faith.
‘We believe crowdsourcing has the potential to deliver transformational change better, faster, cheaper. But this requires more than a technology solution, it is a way of working.’

Pinipa is a change platform for crowdsourcing business transformations. It leverages the latest in collaborative technologies to enable large groups to co-create change, providing a simple structure to guide people on the right things to think about.

‘Pinipa makes it easy to get everyone actively involved, rather than relying on top-down driven initiatives that are rarely successful’.
‘The business change consulting market in the UK alone was worth £5.6billion last year. Yet most of these programmes are managed using spreadsheets and powerpoint slides, with all of their limitations.’
‘There is a significant opportunity to leverage technology to make this far more effective’


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Pinipa is a crowdsourcing platform that allows businesses to involve their employees in delivering business transformation and change.

Faith the founder first had the idea to create a system to help manage business change whilst working as a change consultant, recognising that the slides and spreadsheets were not up to the task. Our starting place was the concept of social, based on experience with enterprise social networks, and trying to keep what is a complex exercise simple (Lean philosophy). Charlie our CTO has a history of delivering web design at American Express. He brought the UX perspective to make the product accessible, so that everyone would feel comfortable actively contributing.
Sandy the co-founder worked at Yammer where he understood the value of delivering a simple social experience to help build a community around a purpose. By harnessing that enthusiasm he wanted to obtain business value through a simple process.

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