Britain has fallen in love with ‘hygge’, the Danish concept of cosiness, which traditionally revolves around enjoying time at home with friends and family, lighting candles and eating indulgent comfort food. But you could say this concept doesn’t really gel with the January theme of slimming down and getting healthy after the Christmas binge.

However, following the results of its recent survey of 2,000 people which found that soup is officially the UK’s favourite comfort food, GLORIOUS! Soups has launched a campaign to highlight that you can indeed be healthy and hygge – and that fresh soup, with the warming feeling you get when you eat it, is the perfect vehicle for this.

With this in mind, GLORIOUS! has worked with Hello Hygge blogger Kayleigh Tanner and registered dietician Nichola Whitehead, who writes the blog Nic’s Nutrition, to develop a two-day Healthy Hygge plan. It includes suggested foods to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as three healthy hygge activities per day, all designed to cleanse and calm both the body and the mind over winter.

Kayleigh Tanner commented: "At the start of the year many of us think about our resolutions, and unfortunately, many of these revolve around depriving ourselves of the things we enjoy or forcing ourselves to do things we don't want to do. However, it's doesn’t have to be bad news. If you're looking for a resolution you might actually stick to in 2017, why not aim to introduce more hygge into your life?

“Embracing hygge is a great way to balance health and happiness without being forced to abandon your favourite things. There are lots of activities which are good for the body and mind that help you hygge, including long wintery walks, morning yoga, socialising with friends and eating warming healthy comfort foods such as fresh soups.”

The new Healthy Hygge plan has been launched to coincide with the release of GLORIOUS! Soups’ limited edition Greens soup which contains a unique and super healthy combination of broccoli, spinach, coconut and mango.

Nutritionist Nichola Whitehead commented: “Hygge, pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, is a Danish word usually translated into English as the feeling of “cosiness”. In the winter months (and January in particular!) most of us crave this wonderful feeling to help us get through the cold days and dark mornings. Relating hygge to food, the key is to indulge in warming and wholesome meals that are filling, nutritious and delicious.

“Soup is a perfect example of a hygge meal and Glorious! have struck gold with the sumptuous combination of coconut and mango with nutrient-rich spinach and broccolu in its new Greens soup. Why not give Glorious’ Healthy Hygge plan a go to provide your body and mind with the goodness it needs to perform and feel at its best? Although your body ‘detoxes’ itself on a daily basis, it’s good to give it a helping hand by cutting down on food devoid of nutrients such as cakes, biscuits, sweets and sugary drinks as well as caffeine and alcohol that we typically over indulge on over the festive period, and increasing our intake of foods rich in nutrients”.

The GLORIOUS! Healthy Hygge plan

Day 1
Breakfast: A warming bowl of porridge made with oats and milk, topped with sliced banana, a little drizzle of honey, sprinkle of flaked almonds & a dash of ginger and cinnamon

Nichola says: “Start your day how you mean to carry on with this delicious and healthy bowl of porridge which provides slow releasing carbohydrate, healthy fats, protein as well as soluble fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer. The cinnamon & ginger provide a wonder sugar-free flavour addition for that ultimate hygge feeling!”

Lunch: GLORIOIS! Greens Ltd Edition soup

Nichola says: “This Glorious limited edition soup is perfect for a mini ‘detox’ as it provides at least one of your five portions of fruit and vegetables which provide vitamins, minerals and fibre. You can heat the soups easily and quickly in a microwave which means that you can have a hygge experience at work too! Make sure to eat your lunch AWAY from your desk though for that ultimate hygge mindful eating experience.”

Dinner: Salmon fillet topped with Greek yoghurt & crushed rye crackers (oven baked), served with tender stem broccoli and oven roasted sweet potato wedges

Nichola says: “Oily fish such as salmon is needed for a healthy heart and mind, and provides essential fatty acids as well as vitamins for healthy hair, skin and nails. Our immune systems will also be kept healthy thanks to the sweet potato which provides vitamin A, and the broccoli which provides vitamin C. This delicious hot dinner can be whipped up in 30 minutes; giving you more time to snuggle on the sofa hygge style!
Hygge activity: Swimming
Kayleigh says: “Why not head to your local pool nice and early for a leisurely swim before the crowds arrive? Swimming is a great form of exercise, as it’s a whole-body workout and gentle on joints. The fantastic thing about swimming is that you can do it at a pace that suits you, so you can take a bit of morning me-time to gather your thoughts in the water.”

Hygge activity: Walking
Kayleigh says: “Get outside into the fresh air for an invigorating walk. You can hygge outside too, so take advantage of the sunshine and take yourself somewhere beautiful. It could be a countryside ramble, a seaside stroll or even just a wander around the local park; just be mindful of your surroundings and take in the nature around you. Being in tune with nature is an important part of the Danish culture.”

Hygge activity: Film night
Kayleigh says: “Invite your best friends over for a cosy film night. Now is the time to dig out all your old favourites, create a nest of blankets and cushions and crack open a bottle of wine to share with all your favourite people. Laughter is good for you, so why not go for a comedy or two? Light lots of candles or flick on the fairy lights, and enjoy the company of your friends.”

Day 2
Breakfast: Pancakes made with two eggs and 1 mashed banana; topped with raspberries & Greek yoghurt

Nichola says: “This super simple breakfast combines slow release carbohydrate from the banana with healthy fats and protein from the egg to leave you feeling energised and hygge all morning! You can top your pancakes with your favourite yoghurt and berries for a nutrient boost and enjoy it with a large mug of green tea for an antioxidant boost! Green tea contains has less caffeine than black tea and coffee, making it ideal to drink on a ‘detox’.

Lunch: GLORIOIS! Greens Ltd Edition soup

Nichola says: “You can jazz up your healthy hygge soup by adding crackers or oat cakes; they not only add a lovely texture but provide extra fibre and energy too. And if you’re peckish mid-afternoon then why not extend your hygge moment by having another half pot of your soup; it’s low in calories (and high in nutrients!) in comparison to snacks such as chocolate bars and crisps.”
Dinner: Healthy tortilla pizza made using a wholegrain wrap, passata, roasted vegetables and mozzarella cheese (baked). Served with a green salad dressed with olive oil.

Nichola says: “If you’re craving pizza but still want to be ‘healthy’ then this tortilla pizza is for you. Having a ‘fake-away’ gives such a hygge feeling as it not only tastes delicious but it’s actually good for you too! Make a habit of adding something green to your evening meal to boost your nutrient intake before bed”.

Hygge activity: Yoga
Kayleigh says: “Ease into the day with some soothing yoga to help you mentally prepare for the day ahead. Gentle stretching can help ease aches and pains, and can help you improve your frame of mind in stressful times. It doesn’t need to be anything complicated – there are plenty of videos available online to help you perfect your poses. Focus on your breathing, improve your posture and enjoy a serene start to the day.”

Hygge activity: New hobby
Kayleigh says: “Why not spend the afternoon getting to grips with a new skill? Whether you’d like to learn to play the guitar or work on your very own vegetable patch, give yourself the time and space to expand your skill set and find yourself a new hobby. Setting yourself goals is a great motivator, and mastering a craft can boost your mood over time as your skill level improves.”

Hygge activity: Bath time
Kayleigh says: “Indulge in a bit of you-time with a long, lazy bath! Use those luxurious bath products you don’t usually touch, put on some relaxing music and light a few scented candles to create an at-home spa experience. Bring a book if you’re a keen reader, or just lie back and enjoy the quiet time. Bath oils can help nourish the skin, and make sure you have some nice moisturiser to slather on afterwards to complete your bedtime routine.

Brand and Category Innovation Manager at GLORIOUS!, Claire Roper commented: “Although our GLORIOUS! study showed that people in the UK are opting for a more balanced diet than ever before, January is still the perfect time to cleanse and revitalise your system after indulging over Christmas. With ‘hygge’ being such a huge trend at the moment, we wanted to launch a fresh soup and special two-day plan that enables people to embrace the Danish art of cosiness whilst also looking after your body.”

The exclusive GLORIOUS! Greens soup pots (600g) are available for a limited period from January 9, 2017 to March 2017 in Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Ocado. They are available from February to March in Asda.

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